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Asian Sightseeing Holiday – Regions or Cities to Visit

Malaysia is brilliant for beaches and for sightseeing – Penang in particular is well worth a visit.

Thailand has some fabulous things to see, particularly in the north and around Bangkok

India has some fantastic historical attractions – you’ll find plenty to see around Delhi.

Hong Kong is a unique destination with lots to see.

Pakistan’s cities have some fascinating sights.

Indonesia has many natural sights, and several thriving towns and cities where there’s a lot to see – you can easily combine sightseeing with a beach holiday.

Sightseeing Holidays in Asia

Beijing is the capital of the world’s most populous nation, so you’d expect it to have some excellent sights – and it doesn’t disappoint. The most modern icon of Beijing is the Bird’s Nest Stadium, the centrepiece of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Visit to Tiannamen Square to marvel over its size, and to see the surrounding museums, including the Museum of the Chinese Revolution and the Museum of the People. The Forbidden Palace is a must-see to appreciate the power of the Ming and Qing empires. Another star attraction close to Beijing is the Great Wall of China. It’s easy to visit as a day excursion from the city, and you can walk along sections of the wall and also visit some nearby tombs. Back in the city, you can also see numerous temples, including the Confucious Temple, and hang out with the locals at the Temple of Heaven, which is set in a huge park.

South Korea has numerous sights. It’s likely that you’ll base yourself, or at least start, in Seoul. Seoul has five imperial palaces, and there are also numerous temples, parks, shrines, markets shopping malls and amusement parks. If you’re into Korean cooking, then the city has several schools where you can learn to rustle up some kimchi. One of the oddest tourist attractions in the country is the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between the North and South Korea. There are also numerous sights around Seoul – go swimming at Deokjeok Island, and take a trip to Yongin to see a reconstruction of a folk village and several amusement parks. You can visit Panmunjeom to see propaganda villages on the other side of the border, and also visit the tunnels – the South has discovered two which the North Korea have dug under the border.

Japan has some excellent sights. If you’re based in Toyko, see the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine and the numerous temples around the city, including Asakusu. A large part of the enjoyment of Tokyo comes from the people of the city, and you’ll love the fashion and nightlife districts – check out the youth subcultures of Harajuku, flashy Shinjuku and fashionable Ginza. Tokyo is a fantastic city for nightlife – wherever you go, you’ll enjoy the experience and the people-watching. Kyoto was the former capital of Japan. It’s famous for its cherry-blossom parties in April, but there’s plenty to see throughout the year. The Golden Pavilion is one of Kyoto’s most famous sights. Wander the Philosopher’s Path, and take in a walking tour on the geisha of Gion. If you’d prefer to get out of the city, schedule a trip to some of Japan’s famous hot springs resorts.

Vietnam has several great sights. Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, is the biggest city. There are some fascinating museums relating to the Vietnam War here. On a more cheerful note, kids will love the puppet theatre and water park, and there are several markets and pagodas to round off your visit. Within easy reach of the city as a day trip are the Cu Chi tunnels, which were used by the Viet Cong as base to attack American soldiers. The Tourist Park, featuring a zoo, theme park and man made mountain, is another interesting sight. Hanoi is arguably a more beautiful city, and is the resting place of Ho Chi Minh, who has been embalmed in true Communist style. A wartime sight of note is a downed B52 in a lake, while you can also visit the Museum of Vietnamese History, and numerous lakes and temples.

Sightseeing Tours & Accomodation

If you’d like to see the sights of Asia but are worried about cultural and language barriers, then all the sights above can be covered by sightseeing tours with English speaking guides.

Some Asian cities with a high concentration of sights also have a high concentration of scam artists- Beijing in particular. Don’t blank everyone and don’t get so paranoid it ruins your trip, but do be wary of anyone who wants to take you to a tea ceremony, has a sick grandmother or is otherwise overly friendly. As you’d do anywhere, don’t flash a lot of cash and be careful with your bags in crowds.