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India is a vast land, and has teeming cities, lush green jungles, ornate temples, mountains and desert. Whether you're backpacking overland in search of spiritual enlightenment, or just want to enjoy the beaches, India has just about everything and anything you could want. Visit the Taj Mahal, try to spot tigers, join in with a riotous festival… the list of delights is endless. And enjoy the food, which is so much more varied than Indian food outside the country. Cuisine varies across the subcontinent – in the north, you're likely to find meat cooked in a tandoori and naan bread, while southern Indian food often contains coconut and seafood.

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In a country of almost limitless wanders, Delhi is a good place to start. Visit the Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb, and take a ride in a tuk-tuk through the crowded city streets. The beautiful Taj Mahal can be visited from Delhi as a longish day trip,. Further afield, you can take an elephant safari to spot tigers at the Bandhavgarh National Park. Mumbai is another must-see Indian city. Shop at the frenetic and colourful markets, see an Indian dance performance, go to a cricket match and stroll along Marine Drive Chowpatty. Kerala is one of the most popular regions for beach holidays, particularly Kovalam.

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Goa is the destination of choice for many young people, while many Westerners with an interest in genealogy are visiting destinations like Pondicherry and Kolkata to find out more about ancestors who were involved with the British Raj – whoever you are, you'll find something to enjoy!

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Disstances between cities and regions are long and some visitors report feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the busy cities, so plan well and don't try to fit too much in. The train is a cheap, safe and fun way of getting around; India also has numerous airports, so internal flights are another option. Although India is a fast developing country, it's still a developing country – be careful what you eat and drink, lest you succumb to the infamous Delhi Belly! There's too much to see in India in one trip; you may find yourself sitting in a railway carriage having a cup of chai and planning a second visit.