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Asian Beach Holiday – Regions or Cities to Visit

Kerala has some amazing beaches, as well as enough to keep those who aren’t keen on swimming and sunning themselves happy.

Korea has beaches and islands, which are best visited as part of a holiday that also takes in the vibrant and exciting cities.

The Maldives have some excellent and exclusive beaches.

Sri Lanka has numerous beach resorts around Colombo.

Singapore and Hong Kong both have beaches within travelling distance of the city centre.

Beach Holidays in Asia

Indonesia has some fine beaches. Bali is the best know place for a beach holiday, but nearly all of Indonesia’s regions offer great stretches of sand. You just have to figure out whether you want to go somewhere fairly developed with lots of attractions, or somewhere remote, or somewhere in between. Anyer is reasonably close to Jakarta and has a fantastic beach. Bunaken is a good place to try snorkelling, diving and other water-based activities, including whale-watching trips. If you’d rather go to beaches that are unsullied by touristy developments, then head to Sumatra or Kalimantan. Both these destinations have excellent wildlife watching opportunities, and plenty of pristine coastline.

Thailand has some of the best beaches anywhere. And the extensive Thai coastline and numerous islands mean that, whether you’re looking for somewhere pristine or undeveloped or a swanky resort where you can flash the cash, or something in between, you’ll find plenty of places to tempt you. Phuket is the most famous of the Thai beach resorts, and is one of the most developed. Pattaya is famous for its edgy nightlife. The Andaman Coast has numerous resorts and some excellent places to try rock climbing. The islands of the Gulf of Thailand coast have some party islands, but also the extensive Ang Thong Marine Park where you can enjoy swimming in the peace and quiet of the wilderness.

Goa is one of India’s most laid back resorts. Portuguese missionaries converted some of the locals centuries ago, and since then the resort has been a laid back blend of different religions, with Westerners attracted by the beaches and relaxed culture. It’s a very popular destination amongst backpackers, but everyone will enjoy the sands, sea and excellent food, including vindaloo. Anjuna Beach is and was a big hippy hangout, while Candolim and Sinquerim are the most developed beaches. Calangute Beach has good restaurants, while Asvem Beach is quiet and less developed than other options.

Malaysia has some great beach resorts, and every type of holiday and budget is covered. The east coast of Malaysia is the most affordable and relatively undeveloped Go here to snorkel and dive in clear waters. On the west coast, Penang is a resort island where you can see temples and gardens, and enjoy some of the best food in Malaysia. East Malaysia, the territory on the island of Borneo, has some fantastic and unspoilt beaches and dive sights, and you can also explore the jungles and towns of a relatively untouristy part of this amazing country.