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You can generally get a luxury hotel in Asia for less than you’d pay for a similar standard in Europe or much of the West. Luxury cruises can be an excellent way to see different parts of the Asian coastline. Vietnam and Thailand are popular destinations, but you can also see Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Indian coast too. You’ll be able to follow the footsteps of ancient merchants and spice traders – but in considerably more comfort!

Asian Luxury Holiday – Regions or Cities to Visit

Thailand has some well-appointed luxury accommodation at the best-developed beach resorts. Also, luxury hotels in Bangkok can be excellent value.

Beijing has some fantastic city hotels. There are also country-style resorts near the Great Wall.

India has many luxuriously appointed places to stay in the cities and the main tourist areas, including in Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala and Goa. Contemporary five star hotels are found everywhere, and in some destinations you can stay in palaces or beautifully refurbished colonial lodgings.

Japan, particularly Tokyo and Kyoto, has some fabulous high-end accommodation.

Korea has swanky hotels aplenty, particularly in the cities – many have their own swimming pool and gardens. In a country that’s very densely populated, you’ll appreciate the space.

Luxury Holidays in Asia

The Maldives is a great place for a luxury getaway – indeed, for most people, the only way of visiting these islands is to stay in a classy resort, so you may as well make the most of it! Resorts are generally set on their own island – you won’t have to get up early to put your beach towel down to mark your spot! You’ll enjoy gourmet food, stay in an overwater or beachside bungalow, and have numerous spa treatments. If you’re looking for a diving holiday, then you’ll love the Maldives. Some resorts specialise in diving instruction and have their own instructors and excellent facilities.

Indonesia has some fantastic luxury accommodation. The best beach resorts come with silk sheets, lovely spa facilities, infinity pools, private beaches, and excellent cuisine. Bali has numerous resorts where your every whim will be catered for – and, if you’d prefer something a bit more secluded, this is a fantastic place to go to rent out a luxury villa. Don’t worry about doing the dishes though, as villas often come with teams of staff.

Mumbai is the centre of India’s film industry – and so it follows that this is the place to live it up like a Bollywood movie star. The southern districts of the city have some fantastic hotels – the five star Taj Mahal is the most famous, but there are several others. See temples, the Gateway to India, fountains and cave. There’s a great eating out scene too, with classy indigenous restaurants as well as upscale Chinese and Italian places to dine. Round off the day by busting some of your dance moves in one of Mumbai’s many clubs.

Singapore has some excellent luxury accommodation – try basing yourself in the Riverside district of the city to enjoy Singapore in style. Check out the beautiful colonial era hotels – the most famous one is Raffles, but there are several others that allow you to live in the splendour of days gone by. There’s also no shortage of modern hotels with every contemporary feature you’d expect. You’re also going to be spoiled for eating out – head to Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay for some great restaurants. As you’d expect, you can find top class Chinese, Indian and South Asian cuisine here, and there are also some extremely classy Japanese restaurants. Jason’s Supermarket has some gourmet foodie goodies to take home or to consume in your hotel room.