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Beijing is a city most emblematic of the fusion between China's remarkable history and its rising economic might. Made up of a large number of vibrant districts and lively hutongs, or alleyway neighbourhoods, the spectacular capital is also one of China's most popular tourist destinations. Beijing is a great place for travellers to sightsee some of the most spectacular artefacts of Chinese civilisation while enjoying the diverse number of restaurants, nightspots and shopping havens this modern city has to offer.

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Instantly recognisable from the covers of thousands of travel magazines, the Bandaling section of the Great Wall is famous for its magnificent views and historical significance. In the city, the opulence of Imperial China is brought to life within the inner courts of the Forbidden City. Spending an evening at the Peking Opera will leave you gasping in awe at the amazing acrobatics and enthralled by the traditional Chinese opera performances. When the sun sets, make your way to Donghuamen Night market to try your hand at eating deep fried scorpions, or just take a picture to show your friends back home.

The Forbidden City is one of the places that you MUST visit as soon as you have landed. This is just the right place to begin your tour with. This enormous palace that has 9,999 rooms and is spread over an area of 250 acres was built during the time of 1406-1420. The number of rooms is just one short for reaching 1000, as this is believed as representing the "Divine Perfection" by the ancient Chinese. It is the largest and the best preserved palace in the world, and has been functioning as the administrative center of the country.

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>Most of Beijing's most popular tourist attractions lie at the centre of the city in Dong Cheng district. Places like Tiananmen Square are all located within this area and is easily accessible by foot. Jian Guo Men Wai and Wangfujing Street house popular shopping areas like Silk Alley, while San Li Tun district serves as one of Beijing's major entertainment areas and contains a large variety of bars and nightclubs for revellers of the night.

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