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A mix of tranquil water villages, interesting buildings and quiet city life, Brunei is a small but wealthy country located just off the north coast of Borneo. Known for its oil-rich sultanate, it features many beautiful mosques and provides an opportunity to experience urban comforts without the frantic pace of more chaotic metropolises. Due to its proximity to Borneo, Brunei is a convenient stopping point for travellers who want to travel onto the Borneo rainforests nearby.

Brunei – Regions or Cities to Visit

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Within the city limits visit the majestic Golden mosque with its beautiful mosaic tiles and pure gold dome. Brunei is a great place for adventure activities like biking, whitewater rafting and reef diving in the South China Sea. Visit the beautiful lakeside walkways of Tasek Merimbun or relax on the shores of Muara beach without having to deal with the crowds of more touristy Asian destinations. Take an eco-tour to Temburong district and visit Ulu Temburong National Park to take a canopy walk. Suspended high above ground, the experience lends an amazing sense of peace and tranquillity.

Highlights and Icons

Bandar Seri Begawan is the country's capital and is often known as the "Venice of the East" because of its water villages. Many use the capital as a gateway to explore more of Borneo's beautiful natural landscape because of its proximity to Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan. Temburong located in the East is separated from the rest of Brunei by Malaysia and is the location of the country's most popular national park. It is an opportunity to see one of the most unspoiled rainforests in all their glory and witness the amazing wildlife at every level of the econsystem

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