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Taiwan is a an independent country closely associated with China who still claims it as its own. It's a great place to go shopping, and you'll be able to pick up electronic products and jade at good prices. Its image tends to be of a place that's built up and also somewhat run down. However, the major city, Taipei, has gleaming skyscrapers and a lively nightlife. Away from the built-up west coast you'll find mountain trails, clear lakes and amazing scenery, as well as the opportunity to find out about traditional life on the island. If you have time to explore, you'll find some fantastic beaches in the tropical south, as well as remote islands where the Taiwanese go to enjoy some down time.

Taiwan – Regions or Cities to Visit

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The capital, Taipei, has much to see and do. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall has a daily flag raising ceremony, and beautiful gardens. Taipei 101 is the second-highest skyscraper on the planet – visit to see the Observatory Deck and the shopping mall. There are numerous museums here, including museums that cover the aboriginal inhabitants of the island. If you're travelling with kids, then there are several theme parks and a zoo. You should also definitely check out the night markets, for their buzzy atmosphere, and the shopping malls, for their computers and games consoles. There are numerous restaurants – you'll find food from all parts of China, as well as Japan, Thailand and many other places.

Highlights and Icons

You're likely to begin and end your holiday in Taipei, but you should also venture outside the city. Reach Alishan on a scenic narrow gage train – on the way you'll see the gigantic trees that this area is famous for. Once you're in the National Park, there are temples and pagodas, and a viewing spot where you can see the sun rise over the mountain. Kenting National Park, in the tropical south, has some of Taiwan's best beaches – you can try surfing, jet-skiing and snorkelling here. Green Island has hot springs, while Orchid Island is beautiful and relaxed.

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