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Asian Adventure Holiday – Regions or Cities to Visit

Kerala is fairly easy. If your family aren’t keen on the heat, then try visiting the hill stations.

Goa is another Indian destination that everyone will enjoy.

Sri Lanka is fast regaining popularity with families, particularly the resorts around Colombo.

The Maldives have some resorts that cater to families rather than honeymooners.

China has some excellent family resorts, and your kids will be fascinated by the sights that this amazing country has to offer

Family Holidays in Asia

Indonesia has a range of resorts that will suit every family. Bali is the best-known area, which is full of sights your kids will love, from volcanoes to animal-based attractions. Java is another enjoyable island – there are more volcanoes here, and your kids can see turtles, rhinos, and the enormous temple complex of Borobudur. Yogyakarta is well worth an excursion to see the enormous palace and museums. Go on a Sunday morning to see the locals practising their martial arts moves on Boulevard UGM. If your family are fascinated by giant reptiles – and who isn’t? – then you should definitely take a trip to Komodo National Park, home of the Komodo Dragons

The Philippines may be densely populated, but you’ll find some destinations here that your family will love. Try visiting Luzon island for some of the best destinations.Camarines Sur is the best known beach resort in the area. The sands themselves are a prime attraction but there are also caves, waterfalls, a national park and, oddly, a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to see. Many of the Filipino islands have beautiful beaches and clear seas to rival any in the region. If your family are adventurous, you may enjoy Donsol, where you can dive the waters to see whale sharks. This is also a fun destination even if you’re not into whale sharks, as you can still enjoy the beaches. Take a trip to Vigan, a beautiful Spanish colonial town, where you can shop for souvenirs and visit the small zoo. The Philippines also have the most varied cuisine in all of southern Asia, with Spanish and American influences and items as well as Chinese, Indian and indigenous delicacies. Even if your family are fussy eaters, they’re sure to find something they enjoy.

Langkawi in Malaysia is an excellent destination for a family holiday. There are numerous beautiful beaches, but there are also plenty of other things to do to keep everyone entertained. If your family are into animals, visit the aquarium, the crocodile park, go on a trip to see eagles, and see the animals at the Oriental Village. If you’re more into activity holidays, then there’s go-karting, forest trekking, snorkelling and jet-skiing available, and you can take a trip on the cable car and hanging bridge. There are numerous family friendly places to stay.

Thailand may have a reputation as a rather in-your-face destination, but there’s plenty for families to enjoy away from the more raucous resorts. Kids will love the quieter beach resorts of Karon Noi, Rai Leh and Ko Lanta, where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful family holiday. If you’d prefer something a bit more lively, then there are numerous family friendly hotels in Patong and Pattaya, where you’ll be offered a wide range of cruises, seaside activities and easy excursions. It might be worth considering that Thailand also attracts tourists who aren’t visiting for the beaches – if you’re not keen on your family sharing a resort with blokes who are there to find Thai ‘girlfriends’, then don’t stay in Pattaya.

Asian Family Accommodation Guide
Many of the cities in Asia have theme parks that your kids will love. The best examples are in are Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore, but there are many others. If you’re having a short break in a city, then these are a good way of trading off giving them something to do in return for going to attractions that you want to see. Most Asian beach destinations are child friendly and have plenty of family excursions available, including boat trips and water sports.