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Bhutan is a small mountainous country on the border between China and India, famous for their remoteness and spirituality. Popular with travellers who are interested in religious sites, this is excellent place to go hiking in beautiful mountains. Bhutan has particularly spicy foods, and cooks favour using raw chilli. The country is known for allowing only a handful of tourists into the country each year to protect the natural identity and culture of the people.

Bhutan – Regions or Cities to Visit

Mount Everest

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In Bhutan, there are many trekking destinations and spiritual sights – the Taksang Monastery is the most notable of the latter, and seems to cling precariously to the side of an enormous cliff.

Highlights and Icons

Thimbu, the capital of Bhutan, has a giant statue of Buddha, a number of temples and shrines, and a takin reserve; takins are a national symbol, and are something akin to goats. Thimbu is the tourist hub to visit the remote holy sights, treks and adventures. You can try to achieve the best balance of these by taking an "ethno-tourism trek", which combines walking with an insight into how locals live.

Travel Tips

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