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Of all the islands in Indonesia, Java has the largest population. It also has Jakarta, Indonesia's capital and biggest city. Jakarta is nicknamed 'The Big Durian' and is a chaotic, noisy, colorful sprawl of around ten million people. You may find it overwhelming at first, but you won't be bored. See the lively markets, theme park, visit the museums, or have a blast visiting the restaurants, nightclubs and karaoke bars. Elsewhere on Java, Yogyakarta has more instant charm than the capital and is the most-visited city on the island. It's close to some famous temples, including those of Borobudur and Prambanan. Visit Java allows you to combine seeing thriving cities and ornate temples with spending time on the beach.

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In Jakarta, one of the main activities is shopping. You can visit some of the outdoor traditional markets, or browse in the high end, air conditioned shopping malls. Whatever you want to buy, you'll find it in spades here – however, you may want to leave room in your suitcase for traditional Indonesian crafts. The former colonialcenter of the building, as you'd expect, has some interesting architecture and historical sites, including the National Monument, built to commemorate Indonesia's independence from Holland, and numerous museums. To the north of the city, the Thousand Islands have several resorts, and are the perfect way to combine a city stay with a beach holiday.

Highlights and Icons

There is plenty to see and do outside of the two most famous Indonesian cities. Anyer is a beautiful beach resort that most travelers will love – it's also the gateway to the Krakatoa volcano. The Baluran National Park is the most accessible on the island; come here to spot monkeys, wild boars, big cats and take a walk up the dormant volcano. Malang is one of the best places on the island to find out about traditional Indonesian culture and has great beaches and a temple. Turtles lay their eggs almost every night of the year at Sukamade – the best time to visit is at night and at a full moon.

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