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India, South Asia

kashmir holiday and accomodation guide

This is one of India's most fascinating regions, and popular with local and foreign tourists alike. It's stamped with the architecture and infrastructure of India's colonial past – the British shifted their capital to Shimla during the hot months; that and the Punjabi and other cultural minorities swirl together to create somewhere completely unique to anywhere else on the sub-continent. As well as walking the mountains, viewing sights associated with the Raj and seeing wildlife, you can also try some of the excellent local food. This area is famous for its fruit, and also for its curries.

Kashmir – Regions or Cities to Visit

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In Shimla, you can visit both a significant Hindu Temple and a large Christian church, as well as bustling museums and modern shopping malls. Jammu has shrines, a palace and temples, and is another key hub for the region.

Highlights and Icons

However, you should travel out of the city to see the Kashmir Valley, the region's main attraction. Here you can stay on a houseboat, and enjoy fishing, swimming and boating on the Dal Lake. Depending on the season, you'll see beautiful flowers and wildlife – if you're very lucky, this may include snow leopards or a bear.

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