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Indonesia, Southeast Asia

sulawesi holiday and accomodation guide

These three destinations are not busy holiday destinations in the same way as Bali. But they allow visitors to get off the beaten track and explore some of the history and wildlife of Indonesia, and are extremely rewarding. Sulawesi has some spectacular natural sights, and you'll also be fascinated by the indigenous cultures that still flourish here. The Maluku are the Spice Islands – the only place in the world where nutmeg, cloves and several other sought-after spices were grown. They were mysterious in the days of colonialist and traders who travelled these waters on sailing ships, and they remain off the beaten track today. Irian Jaya is the Indonesian section of Papua New Guinea, and is noted for its rich tribal heritage and the Lorentz Natural Park, which is the largest in Asia.

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Suluwesi is one of Indonesia's main islands. It's a great venue for diving, and has numerous sites all around the lengthy coastline where you'll see some fantastic marine life. You can also see a range of wildlife here too, including tarsiers, the world's smallest monkeys. Ambon is the most developed area of Maluku, and offers a range of accommodation and the chance to have a very peaceful beach holiday. The Lorentz National Park has Puncek Jaya, which at over four thousand feet high is an awesome challenge for anyone into mountains, and there are equatorial glaciers here too. Tour operators can arrange trekking and climbing holidays in the National Park.

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In Suluwesi, Bitung is a lively port town with a wide range of accommodation. It's a good place to base yourself if you want to see volcanos, wildlife or take to the waters at some of the nearby dive sites. Maluku's largest island, Halmahera, is sparsely populated and perfect for some off-the-beaten-track adventures – come here to walk and swim along the quiet coastline. Wamena is the main city in Papua's Baliem Valley, and the starting point for most excursions into the wild hinterland. From here, you can do a range of trips involving trekking, going to the settlements of some of Papua's numerous tribes, and see a four hundred year old mummy.

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You can reach these three regions of Indonesia directly or indirectly from Jakarta – some parts of Papua are very remote and require a short flight to visit.