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lombok holiday and accomodation guide

Lombok and Komodo used to be overlooked by travelers keen to sample the delights of Bali. However, these two islands are now increasingly popular – but are still much quieter and more secluded than their more famous neighbour. They are both part of Nusa Tenggara, a string of islands in south-east Indonesia, and have fantastic opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and diving – or just sitting on the beach relaxing. Natural wonders are a big draw here. Komodo, of course, is home to the Komodo dragons, and Lombok has the Rinjani volcano, which is centrepiece of the Rinjani National Park. Wherever you go in these beautiful islands, you'll enjoy a very chilled out and relaxing holiday – they're perfect for getting away from it all.

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Lombok is the bigger of the two islands. It's popular with honeymooners who are looking for somewhere quieter and more affordable than Bali. The Gili Islands are the most-visited destination in Lombok. They are very popular with backpackers, and Gili Trawegan is the largest island, and where you go if you want to join a party. The islands are all very laid back, and you'll have a relaxing time on the beach. Wildlife spotting is the main activity in Komodo. As well as the dragons, there are wild horses, snakes, Timor deer, wild boar, and a range of other cute or grotesque critters. Diving is another popular activity in Komodo, and there are several operators that run trips in the area.

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Komodo can be difficult to access – it's a two hour flight from Bali and is sometimes visited from there, but can also be reached from Flores. Accommodation there is basic. There's a far wider range of accommodation and activities in Lombok, particularly around the west of the island. Senggigi is the main resort; nearby are some outstanding beaches, and you can also roam inland to visit waterfalls. Mataram is the largest nearby city, and has some fascinating temples, as well as a lively market and a great restaurant scene. Tanjung Aan is a largely unspoiled bay that has luxurious accommodation nearby.

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It is easy to get to Lombok by air or by ferry.