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Washington, DC, founded in 1790, was primarily designed by a French-born architect called L'Enfant. It was built on a pre-existing settlement called Georgetown and was then renamed for the nation's founding father, George Washington. It is a special district, directly administered by the federal government, and is not an independent state, and was made so by the same U.S. Constitution that established it as the permanent national capital. Washington, or the 'District' as it is known, is full of monuments and museums as befits a national capital, and draws many visitors daily. The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, are all attractions that can be visited for free. Other draws include visits to the houses of government and various museums in the district.

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There are plenty of hotels in and around Washington to stay in during your visit, from economy hotels to luxury boutique hotels. The Metro provides easy transit access to all areas in the District, and there are a lot of taxis if you tire of public transit.

Numerous memorials are scattered throughout the capital that international visitors with only a passing knowledge of American history won't find it hard to appreciate. There is the World War II Memorial, the newest memorial in the city; the statuesque Washington Memorial that took forty years to complete; and the African American Civil War Memorial, the only memorial of its kind.

Not to be missed while in Washington is the chance to visit the houses of government and the White House. The only thing to remember when arranging a visit like this is that you need to plan your visit well in advance as these tours cannot be arranged on the spur of the moment as there are demand and security concerns. In the case of a trip to the White House, you may actually need to be a US citizen to arrange the tour as much as six months in advance through a congressman's office. For Senate and Congress tours, visit their websites to arrange a tour.

Washington has many notable museums including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Newseum. Particularly for the Museum of Natural History, you may want to book your tickets early as it is a very popular museum with families, and you'll want to avoid the crowds to get a better view of the famed displays.

Just over the Potomac River from Washington is Old Town, Alexandria. It is within range of the Washington transit system and its old colonial style architecture and cobblestone streets make it an enjoyable area to walk around and explore for an afternoon away from the attractions of Washington.

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Washington D.C. has an incredible history in nation-building and you can visit and feel like you are a part of it. You can see lawmakers in action by visiting Congress or visit the memorials of great leaders of the past. In any case it's hard not to be impressed by the spectacle of the architectural marvels of this national capital.