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mid west holiday and accomodation guide

The Midwest is known as America's Heartland because it houses much of the industry and agriculture of the nation. It is a geographically diverse region, made up of plains, mountains, and the Great Lakes basin. The area is far from being an uninteresting economic powerhouse, though, and is very beautiful in many areas providing many opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. The region is very diverse, and you can check out football games, fishing lodges, farmer's markets, basketball games, casinos, and amusement parks. There's something for everybody on offer. For historical landmarks, too, there is a lot available, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his life in Springfield Missouri, and much of the city has landmarks and museums devoted to this past U.S. President.

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All over the Mid-West, you can find casino megaplexes that offer hotel accommodation and deluxe gaming facilities. They also offer nightly entertainment options if you tire of the slots or the action at the tables. A lot of these casinos offer entertainment options for the kids as well and there are amusements like water slides for family fun.

One pastime of the Mid-Western people is building quirky roadside attractions. You will need to rent a car or RV, but once you have, make sure you've packed your camera, because you are going to want one! From the world's largest ketchup bottle in Illinois, to the Jolly Green Giant in Minnesota, to the Corn Palace in South Dakota, there are numerous photo opportunities. Usually these roadside attractions are the culmination of the efforts of an intrepid businessman in the area looking to capitalize on the highway visitors passing by in a unique way.

In the Mid-West you'll find a lot of sports fans, not just of professional franchises, but also of local college and high school teams. If you get a chance, you should check out a local baseball, football, or basketball game; even if you don't follow the game, it is a worthy spectacle to see the fans turn out and support their team.

Throughout the region, there are numerous opportunities for the sports fisherman. There are the Great Lakes for those looking for angling opportunities and chartering a boat, but there are also numerous streams and rivers where chartering a boat is not necessary. You can rent equipment and waders and fly-fish for trout in Indiana if you prefer.

If the season's right, it's worthwhile to play a few rounds of golf in the Mid-West as it's home to a few famous golf courses that offer public tee-times. If you haven't thought to bring your own clubs, you can always rent some from the pro-shop.

The Mid West Accommodation Guide
There are plenty of ways to spend your vacation in the Mid-West, whether your interests or conventional or less mainstream. The area is full of exciting and fun ways to spend your time whether you are a solo or family traveller.