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Nevada, the Silver State, has many options for different vacationers. Whether you are looking to ski at a resort at Lake Tahoe, or you're looking to try some off-roading at the sand dunes at Winnemucca, there are a lot of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. For the more sedate traveller, there are hot springs, mines and museums to visit. For the quirky traveller, you can browse a road map to explore a few bona-fide ghost towns for some unique photo opportunities. Whether you want to visit Nevada or Las Vegas, or both, you'll find a lot of fun in this state.

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Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about Nevada is Las Vegas. Whether it's themed weddings, mega casinos, musical fountains, or rooftop rollercoasters, there is only one place on the planet where dreams like these are regularly made a reality. The place of blockbuster shows every night, or all-night action at the gaming tables.

Las Vegas packages are easy to arrange, and air and hotel packages represent a good deal normally. However, some people like to arrange for time shares, and this might be your preferred option. You can either stay in the old part of Las Vegas, where classic casinos like the Golden Nugget are located, or you can stay on the newer Strip where all the newer larger-than-life developments like the Belaggio are.

Here you will find the themed hotels that Las Vegas has become so famous for. Amusement parks, pirate ships, water parks, Venice-like gondolas, slot machines, and more can all be found here. Mega-productions are put on every night with a multitude of entertainment options.

The attractions extend beyond the city limits, and just outside the city you can do things like visit a gun range where you can learn to shoot skeet. There is also a race circuit where you can learn to drive Nascar. Everything is larger than life in and around Las Vegas.

Outside Las Vegas you can do things like visit one of three hundred hot springs in the state for a relaxing holiday. If relaxing is not quite what you had in mind, you can try hang gliding in Washoe Valley, or parasailing on Lake Tahoe. In the south you can also explore the Mojave desert.

Reno may not be as well-known as Las Vegas, but it has plenty of casinos and gaming resorts. It's city slogan "Reno: the Biggest Little City in the World" was chosen as the result of a competition in 1929. The city is set in a valley on the Truckee River which is famous for fly fishing. The river has been dammed in the middle of Reno to create Class 2 and 3 rapids for kayaking in the downtown core. In the 1930's, before Las Vegas had been established, Reno benefitted from Nevada's gaming laws, and it also benefitted from the state's relatively lax divorce laws. 'Going to Reno' became synonymous with seeking a divorce before the rest of the U.S. streamlined its divorce laws.

Carson City is only a short distance away from Lake Tahoe. It, too, is located in the Sierra Nevada range of mountains, and was named for the frontiersman Kit Carson who guided the John C Fremont's party to the area upon the discovery of the Carson River by Europeans. The area is known for its hang gliding opportunities, and visitors can walk a marked path through the town called the Kit Carson Heritage Trail through a residential area with 19th century Victorian homes, including the governor's neoclassical mansion. The city has a reputation as once being an Old West frontier town, where once the American Mint minted gold and silver coins.

Nevada Accommodation Guide
There are a variety of great things to see and do in Nevada and Las Vegas proper, lots of fantastic entertainment and lots of the great outdoors to explore.