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Miami is famous for its shopping and its nightclub scene, and the South Beach Area is perhaps where most of this is focussed, although nearby Fort Lauderdale also gathers some of the spotlight. Legions of visitors from all over the world are drawn to the beach and shopping during the day and the club scene at night, making the area a fun area to visit.

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One of the premier things to do in Miami is visit the beach, and South Beach, or SoBe, is one of the places to be in the city. It is about a neighbourhood of about twenty-three blocks that was destroyed by a hurricane in 1926 and has seen numerous revitalizations since then. It is known for boutique shopping, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, and draws tourists from all over the world. European visitors have led to the occasional occurrence of the monokini and topless sunbathing. Celebrities are known to make appearances at the Miami nightclub scene, and if you are that way inclined, you could do some celebrity spotting on your night out.

Florida and particularly Miami are famous for coining the phrase Floribbean cuisine. It is a cuisine derived from the multicultural heritage of the state, particularly the Caribbean and Latin heritage that meet in the city. Certain chefs have gourmet Floribbean offerings in their restaurants that you can enjoy. The hallmarks of this cuisine include fresh ingredients, an emphasis on fish and poultry, savoury dishes that incorporate fresh fruit and citrus, and milder rather than spicy flavours. One classic taste of this cuisine style would be mango chutney over fresh swordfish.

One thing you may want to take the time for when visiting this city is a walking tour of the city's architecture. Some are free, and offer a tour of the Art Deco buildings, or the Miami Modernist buildings. Either way, it's a great way to spend the morning or afternoon, and you come away from the tour with a lot of interesting historical facts about the quirky buildings that you can pair with the photos you've taken.

A quick glance at many neighbourhoods in the city will also reveal the fact that this is a very distinctive city with its own architectural style. With a guidebook or a smartphone and a camera, the architectural buff could spend days wandering the city capturing images of Miami Modernist or Art Deco buildings. There are many unique examples of American architecture in Miami that make the city especially interesting, even if someone only has a passing interest in architecture.

Being America's closest neighbour to the island nation of Cuba, Florida, and Miami in particular has a large Cuban expatriate community. Little Havana is known for its cigar shops, coffee, and music, and certainly worth a visit. To explore Miami's Cuban roots, you may want to take in a live music show. Check out the local music scene for live Cuban music in local papers or the internet for a chance to enjoy some enervating Latin music.

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From its Art Deco style to its beautiful sandy beaches, Miami has a lot to offer its visitors. Its neighbourhoods have a vibrant appeal that comes across in their nightlife, cuisine, and shopping; Miami is definitely not just for retirees.