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It was in the New England area that pilgrims first arrived in the early seventeenth century, and later it was the residents of this area that resisted British rule and led the movement to abolish slavery. Today the area is still a mainstay of liberal ideology, and the state has numerous historical sites and touchstones to its past. Boston is the main city of the region and nearby, Cape Cod is the major tourist centre with beautiful beaches and a cluster of small islands and bays for sailing and cruising.

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New England is made up of the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island, this area is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline varies along these states, from rocky and rugged along Maine and much of Rhode Island to the white sandy beaches of Connecticut or Maine. Much of the region is known for its rural scenery, but the entire area becomes especially spectacular in the fall with the trees leaves changing colour; and the territory seems to come alight.

The largest city in New England is Boston, and it is located on a natural harbour, and is famous for being the site of universities like Boston University and Harvard. Otherwise known as Beantown for its baked beans, the city's sports fans are crazy for their baseball, basketball, and hockey teams. If you're in town and can catch a game, it would be worth the price of a ticket for the spectacle. The city has a variety of architectural styles going back to the colonial era, and is small enough to be best explored on foot.

Hikers are drawn to Acadia National Park in Maine which offers some of the region's most beautiful mountain scenery. For winter sports, you can go skiing in New Hampshire or Vermont, they both have several mountains that offer lift tickets that are a fraction of the cost of western ski resorts, plus there is the added bonus in New Hampshire of no sales tax.

The ideal New England touring holiday would be one that put you in touch with the warm and hospitable people of the region. As such, inns and bed and breakfasts represent the quintessential New England holiday, but there are also some historic hotels that are worth a visit in the region.

If you are looking for a novel way to explore the area, several companies offer cruises of New England. The most beautiful time for a cruise like this would be the fall, and it would be ideal if you were travelling to the region for a cruise anyway, if you were to spend a few days before or after the cruise exploring the area by land.

The area is also a great area to explore by sailboat. If you don't know how to sail, you can charter the sailboat and a guide, it is worth the expense. Certainly you don't want to be a novice at sailing when you navigate the windy areas of Cape Cod.

Connecticut offers more than sandy beaches; it has casinos and theme parks as well, plenty in adult and family entertainment. Like Maine, it has quaint beachside properties that you can rent with private beach access.

While in Vermont, you may want to visit the birthplace of the famed Ben and Jerry's ice cream, origin of famed blends like Cherry Garcia. Throughout New England, seafood is incorporated into local cuisine and favourites like clam chowder are famed throughout the world.

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There is a reason that New England has become a popular destination for the wealthy set of New York City looking for a break from the urban life, it is a beautiful area that is good for the soul. The people are open-minded, friendly, and welcoming to visitors.