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Arizona state is known for its dry climate, giant cactus' and spectacular arid scenery; the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, its ten species of rattlesnakes, and for its coyotes. It's also notable for being the only place to find the Apache or Arizona trout, a fish that can only be found in Arizona's rivers and streams. Phoenix is a remarkable city as well, famous for their professional basketball team, country music, and Mexican food. However, most tourists come to Arizona to marvel at the incredible views of the Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River up to a mile deep and over 200 miles long.

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One thing you cannot miss when in Arizona is a visit to the Grand Canyon. Whether you remain perched on the rim or embark on a hike to the river below, it is not to be missed. There are numerous viewpoints if you don't want to descend on a hike, but perhaps the most spectacular view is offered by a relatively new venue called the Grand Canyon Skywalk with a walk that is cantilevered out over the edge of the canyon for a view that is absolutely breathtaking. If you opt to hike down to the canyon floor, you can arrange that safely at the Grand National Park. Also at the park, you can arrange a two day mule ride to the inner canyon. These sure footed animals might not be very swift, but they are slow and very careful!

Arizona is famed also for its golf resorts and its hot dry climate. As a result, it is known for the high number of retirees that flock there during the winter to avoid otherwise chilly winters.

Another area you may want to explore is the Painted Desert. The unique geological characteristics of these badlands have made these rock formations very colourful and stunning. Much of this area lies north of the Grand Canyon, and is located on the Navajo Nation. Located within the Painted Desert is the Petrified Forest National Park. It contains colourful and fascinating examples of petrified wood that lie strewn around the desert.

Relatively less commonly visited in Arizona are the Anasazi cliff dwellings. This mysterious people disappeared from the area around the end of the twelfth century. Recent thinking has them relocating, but they abandoned sophisticated cliff dwellings like the one at Montezuma Castle Monument between Flagstaff and Phoenix. This is one of the best preserved cave dwellings that can be viewed in North America, a multi-floor high-rise apartment building that is over a thousand years old, completely carved into the cliff.

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Arizona is a desert state with a crisp climate, hot by day and cold at night. If you tire of the heat, escape to the entertainment and comfort of major cities like Phoenix and Flagstaff where absolutely everything is air-conditioned.