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oregon holiday and accomodation guide

Oregon extends north from California along the Pacific coast and offers bretahtaking copastal scenery as well as mountains inland. There are a variety of activities you can pursue whether it's outdoor activities or more urban activities that interest you. There are plenty of towns and cities you can visit; each with their own individual characteristics.

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Portland is a picturesque city with a fabulous gigantic bookstore called Powell's. Perhaps more notably, it's well-known for its microbreweries, and its food-cart program. The food-carts are usually housed in converted trailers and offer everything from soul food to Vietnamese cuisine. They are usually clustered together in different neighbourhoods close to the river. They're usually a deliciously good deal.

One place you might want to make a point of seeing in Oregon is the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area at Winchester Bay. These sand dunes are very beautiful, and make a good backdrop for everything from camping to horseback riding.

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If you are going to rent a car or RV, a great drive to take is the drive along the coast of Oregon. Full of picturesque towns and stunning scenery, this coastline offers a lot of spectacular photo opportunities. There are still plenty of working lighthouses along this area, plus the rocky coastline plays host to lots of sea life. You can book a whale watching tour, or you can simply park your car at the Sea Lion Caves in Florence Oregon and see Stellar Sea Lions congregating year round.