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The ancient people of New Mexico, the Anasazi, lived there around the twelfth century B.C. in dwellings built along cliff walls that are referred to as adobe. These dwellings can still be viewed in parks throughout New Mexico and are just one of many attractions of this state. New Mexico is known for the scaled back living associated with artists and writers. The area is also known for its architecture style, known as Pueblo Revival Style, inspired by the Spanish missions in New Mexico. This is usually constructed out of adobe, but brick or cement can be used to simulate it, and it is a distinctive style unique to New Mexico.

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New Mexico has a unique cuisine which is focussed on its state chile and is added to everything from pizza to bagels. When harvested it is green, and is dried after harvesting. Like Tex-Mex, New Mexico cuisine grew out of Native American, Mexican, Spanish, and American influences, and yet is distinct from Tex-Mex which is so popular in its neighbouring state. Some regional fare includes the stacked enchilada and many of the dishes incorporate blue corn.

An artist colony spontaneously arose in Taos with the arrival and settlement of artists, beginning in 1899 and culminating with the Taos Society of Artists in 1915. During its inception, the society focussed on the Native American society and Pueblos for its paintings, but since then perhaps, much of the art has become folk-oriented. Taos is a great place to visit, full of galleries and shops where you can purchase art and handicrafts as well as get to know the artists themselves in a one of a kind environment.

For another one-of-a-kind experience in the desert, you may want to visit Roswell, reputed site of a U.F.O. crash in 1947. There are plenty of kitschy shops and restaurants to visit on the restaurant that capitalize on this town's contentious claim to fame. For a more thorough to the subject matter, including a diorama of an alien autopsy, you may want to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Another entertaining side trip would be to the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner. This Wild West hero, whose past remains shrouded in mystery, although many details of his notoriety remain a matter of public record. The museum also has other relics from the old west as well as antique cars.

For archaeological sites, you may want to visit the Puye Cliff Dwellings, current home of the Santa Clara Pueblo people. Here there are cliff and cave dwellings to explore as well as ruins on the top of the mesa with ancient stairways connecting them.

If you want to take more home with you than the memory of great Southwest cooking, you may want to take cooking classes while you are visiting New Mexico. Santa Fe has a great cooking school, set in the highest-altitude state capitol in the country. You may also want to visit the Santa Fe Opera House on the site of a former guest ranch if there happens to be a performance, to listen to an opera in a very unique setting. You can also visit the Museum of International Folk Art that displays this colourful art from around the world.

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There are many wonderful things to see and do throughout this state. If you ever get the chance, you should take the opportunity to explore the region. Roughly bisected by the Rio Grande, this arid state may be dry, but it plays host to a lot of life.