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Located on the west coast of Australia, in the state of Western Australia, Perth is an attractive small city with many gardens and parklands. Picturesquely located on the meandering Swan River, it is regularly voted as one of the world's most liveable cities, and it's easy to see why. With its relaxed outdoor lifestyle, bustling markets, world-class restaurants and nearby beaches, Perth is an idyllic place to start your Western Australian adventure. The nearby port city of Fremantle has been turned from a run-down industrial district into a vibrant entertainment hub, with plenty of caf├ęs and boutique shops to be discovered amongst its historic old buildings. While you're there visit the WA Maritime Museum and pick up some local arts and crafts at the renowned Fremantle Markets.

Perth Highlights

Perth is the place for all sorts of water-based fun, including fishing, surfing, diving and snorkelling. A short ferry ride will take you to Rottnest Island, a favourite local holiday spot, where you'll enjoy the unspoilt beaches and crystal clear waters. You'll also adore the miniature kangaroo 'Quokkas' which call the island home. For a fabulous view of the Swan River, the city and nearby escarpment, Kings Park is the place to go. A walk along the Federation Walkway through the treetops is also highly recommended. South of Perth the coastal delights continue in the seaside towns of Rockingham and Mandurah, where you can cruise the waterways and maybe spot dolphins. Inland from Perth lies the Swan Valley, a fertile area famous for its fresh produce, premium wineries and art galleries.

Further to the east you'll find the Avon Valley, which is home to a number of adventure activities including white-water rafting, sky-diving and hot air ballooning, all of which can be organised from your Perth or Fremantle accommodation.

Perth has a Mediterranean-type climate, with cool, wet winters (June to August) and dry, hot summers (December to February). For a beach holiday summer is the best time to visit, or if you want to combine your visit with the spectacular north-western Kimberley region you'll need to visit from May to September, as the summer monsoons make the northern areas impassable. The colourful Fremantle Festival is held in November each year.

Perth Holidays Planner

Australia's south western city of Perth is distinguished by its great Aussie Culture, fantastic year round weather and laid-back way of life. The majestic view from Kings Park overlooking the city of Perth will allow this elaborate city to speak for itself. From the countryside of Gingin to the fields of wild-flowers in northern Perth, this wonderful city will take your breath away and leave you with a smile to remember.

Trek through the picturesque National Parks of Swan Valley and the Perth Hills. Take a short ferry ride from Perth to Rottnest Island, Penguin Island and Seal Island to meet the local wildlife. Visit Fremantle and the Fisherman's Harbour and have a beer or two at one if its' many historical public bars. Laze around in the sun on the white sands of Cottesloe Beach. Surf the Sunset Coast from the northern city beaches to Lancelin. Encounter the families of Dolphins at Rockingham. Yacht and para-sail around Perth cities waters and experience the Dreamtime at the Kings Park Indigenous Centre.

A tour of the South West Winery or the Old Swan Brewery will allow you to taste the fruitful essence of Perth's local pride. How about some fine dining on the city waterfront or a seafood indulgence in Fremantle? Perth is the city to encounter Australia's true spirit no matter how you choose to spend your time.

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A huge variety of accommodation is accessible all over Perth. Motor-homes, camper-vans and 4WD's are available for hire for those who wish to venture far and wide. The following Perth hotels provide some of the best deals for a holiday in Western Australia – please search below for availability and get the very best room rates sourced from over 100 local and online booking agents:

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Perth has domestic and international airports, with hotel transfers and car hire available.