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New South Wales, Australia

lord howe island holiday and accomodation guide

With a landscape full of craggy cliffs and sapphire waters that hug the shore of majestic panoramas and lush forested valleys, Lord Howe Island is a rare jewel in the Pacific Ocean. Formed from the remnants of a shield volcano which erupted some 7 million years ago, it is one of only four island groups named World Heritage Sites. Boasting vibrantly coloured fish, unique endemic wildlife and a spectacular topography, what you will uncover here is nothing short of nature's very best.

Lord Howe Island Highlights

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A trip to Lord Howe Island is a magnificent opportunity to explore the outdoors in all its glory. Ripping out of the ocean, Balls Pyramid is the tallest volcanic stack in the world and is an excellent place to dive. Head to Ned's Beach to feed one-meter long Kingfish on the shore, or snorkel the surrounding waters to discover bright sub-tropical fish and diverse species of coral. Take a one day hike to Go Gower for an exhilarating trek to encounter the island's famous woodhen, or simply take it easy with a day of suntanning on the beach.

While the surrounding islands and rocks are great for day-trips and expeditions, the main island of Lord Howe is the most visited destination for travellers. The north end of the island contains all the major accommodation options and many points of interest, while the west coast of the island has a beautiful coral reef lagoon as well as great places for trekking and sightseeing. Popular beaches like Blinky Beach on the east coast are great for water activities like fishing and surfing.

Mount Gower's mountain hike is a moderate climb that is sure to please those looking for the scenic summit conquest. After the climb you may decide to ease those muscles with a trip to a day spa, or snorkel the coral reef and lagoon. Lord Howe also offers glass bottom boat tours, diving and fishing charters and a traditional local pastime, the chicken run at the Lord Howe Island Bowling Club every Thursday.

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Lord Howe Island Travel Info
The roads through Lord Howe are speed limited to a cruising 25km per hour, so the old-fashioned bicycle seems to be the most popular mode of transport. The cuisine on the island is internationally inspired yet true to its local producers, as almost every menu will contain the local celebrity, the kingfish. Whether you're witnessing the sunrise on the east side, or the sunset on the west, you may just find yourself asking; was Dorothy wrong when she said 'there's no place like home'?