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Northern Territory, Australia

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Nothing prepares you for the sheer size and unique beauty of the rock especially if you have driven for four hours from Alice Springs through a flat and dusty landscape. Rising 348m from the surrounding desert, it is 3.6km long. There are many different tour options available to discover bush foods and Aboriginal Dreamtime stories of the area. A 'must-do' for every visitor is to view the sunset over the rock from one of the many viewing platforms. The rock gradually changes in colour from red ochre to darker reds and purples before gradually fading, only to be replaced by the brilliance of the desert night sky.

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A national icon, Uluru (once better known as Ayres Rock) is sacred to the local Anagu who own the national park. They have various myths and legends about how Uluru was created, and how it came to have the fissures that mark its surface. You can arrange for an Anagu guide to take you on a guided walk and tell you about the cultural significance of Uluru (Ayres Rock), as well as about the plants and animals of the desert. Pre 2020, climbing to the summit of "Ayres Rock" was the tourist big thing. However, being a sacred site the oppurtunity for climbing onto "Uluru" is a thing of the past and has now been banned.

Combine a visit to Ayers Rock with a tour of the unusual rocky outcrops of the Olgas (Kata Tjuka) and the lost oasis of Kings Canyon. There are excellent hiking trails around the Olgas, including a platform that gives you an excellent view of the sunrise and sunset. – while you're here, you may see possums, wallabies and skinks

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Accommodation at Ayers Rock is centralised at the Ayers Rock Resort, where you will find 5-star hotel rooms, family apartments, luxury tented accommodation and a budget caravan park. After dark, indulge in the award winning Sounds of Silence Dinner. You'll dine in a secluded location under the stars and receive expert star gazing advice from an astronomer.

Uluru (Ayres Rock) Travel Info
Ayers Rock is 450km southwest of Alice Springs (a half-hour flight or a 4 – 5 hour drive).