West Africa Holidays


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It's not your run-of-the-mill region of the world for holidays, but West Africa may surprise you. Most of the tourist activity that goes on in West Africa happens in one of the continent's smallest countries, Gambia. There's a well-developed holiday scene here, with opportunities to lie on the beach, go on a river safari, and generally soak up the laid back atmosphere. If you're looking for an affordable beach holiday with an African vibe, then the Gambia may very well fit the bill. Senegal entirely surrounds Gambia – fewer tourists venture here, but it's a more bustling and vibrant country. Visit here to see game reserves and authentic African markets.

West Africa Holidays Guide

Nigeria is one of the great African economic powerhouses. Lagos is on course to become one of the biggest cities in the world, although as yet it attracts relatively few tourists. Nigeria can be exhilarating, if also challenging for travellers. Visit the beaches in the south of the country and around Lagos, and see the game reserves in the north of the country. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, and is calmer than Lagos – it also has several museums of note.

Togo, Ghana and Benin are three of the safest countries in a region that's prone to political instability, and provide an easy introduction to travelling in this part of the world. Benin is the homeland of Voodoo, which is the country's main religion and plays an important part in national culture – you should visit a temple when you're here. Ghana has some fascinating historical sites, including fortresses linked to the slave trade, and the remains of one of the greatest kingdoms in Africa. Togo is a quiet, untroubled country, worth visiting to see Lome, its lively capital, which has some of the best nightlife in the region.