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The atrocity of Darfur remains in the minds of many. The genocide of this region by the Arab north and government of Kartoum went on silently, ignored by the world. When it finally came to the fore of news, the genocide was almost complete – over 100,000 supposed "Black" Sudanese from the south had been violently killed, more than 2 million people displaced and a ruthless campaign of gang rape on women and girls was ordered by the military.

The South Sudanese and Darfur refugees living in under supplied refugee camps feared to venture far from the camps as rogue military men lurked on the edges waiting to kill the men and terrorise the women. South Sudan has finally broken frr from its Northern African arab rulers but those that remain in Sudan face continued torment from Kartoum.

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If you have an ethical purpose for visiting Sudan, to help the people or to document their suffering to promote to the outside world, then visiting Sudan will benefit the couhntry. Otherwise, your money merely supports those that rule with vengance.