Lesotho Holidays


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Lesotho is something of a curiosity on the map, as its entirely encircled by South Africa. It’s history means that it has a very different feel to its larger neighbour – its more relaxed and violent crime is far less of a problem. Lesotho’s geography means that it has some of the best opportunities for hiking in the wilderness anywhere in the region. It’s also a great centre for equestrian holidays, as sturdy mountain ponies are one of the main forms of transport in Lesotho. On your journeys in Lesotho, you’ll find pristine mountains, clear skies, and some of the friendliest people in Southern Africa.

map of lesotho africa
Map of Lesotho Africa

What to Do in Lesotho Africa

One of the best activities to try here is pony trekking – ponies were introduced in the nineteenth century and quickly became a key part of Basotho life. Trips are best booked through lodges – check your accommodation offers pony trekking before you go. If you come in the winter months, then Lesotho is one of the few places in Africa where you can ski! If you’d rather find out about culture than do anything adventurous, then the capital, Maseru, is a great place to people-watch and shop for local crafts, including the distinctive hats worn by locals. You can also see various examples of San rock art in remote areas – the San were the original human inhabitants of South Africa.

Lesotho Holidays Guide

The chances are that you’ll start off in Maseru, which has a range of accommodation and places to eat out. Thaba Bosiu is a mountain fortress that’s crucial to the history of Lesotho, and hugely significant to the local people – although its more interesting as a climb than because of anything you’ll see at the top. Sehlabathebe National Park is perfect for remote hikes into the Drakensberg – some operators run hiking tours through this area from Natal. However, the most beautiful landscape is found around Piggs Peak, which is accessed from a spectacular road through the mountains. Skiing is done in the north of Lesotho and is gradually being developed – however, travel in hope rather than expectation of snow!