Ethical Holidays in Africa

Beautiful African Holidays

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Malawi has some fantastic ethical holidays available. Stay in a locally owned lodge on the enormous Lake Malawi and enjoy canoeing, sailing, or simply sit on a beach. You can also see the beautiful Zomba Plateau and walk in the forests, and visit a game reserve to see elephants, crocodiles, and a lion if you’re lucky! Having a ‘normal’ holiday but being careful where you spend your money is a perfectly ethical way to travel, but Malawi is also popular with ‘voluntourism’, so you can get more hands on if you wish – you can have a day excursion to projects like schools, clinics and employment initiatives, to raise your awareness of how Malawi is overcoming its problems. Check in advance if there’s anything you can bring the project from your home country that might be difficult or expensive to find in Malawi. Malawi is a beautiful country with big-hearted, friendly people – with a bit of care and attention, you can make sure your holiday helps others.

Ethical Holidays in Africa

The Eastern Province of South Africa is a great place for ethical holidays in two ways. Firstly, it’s a fascinating area to go to find out more about South Africa’s turbulent history. Grahamstown and Graaf Reinet were important in colonial times, and you might be interested in finding out more about Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and other anti-apartheid figures who were born and brought up in the region. But while you’re doing all that, make sure you’re spending the rest of your money locally. Township tours operate across the region, particularly in Port Elizabeth, where you can also visit a shebeen, a semi-legal bar.

Kenya is a great holiday destination, but some resorts have been exposed as paying their workers below the local living wage. However, eco tours are available for both beach and safari destinations that employ locals at a fair salary, and also are careful to limit the impact of tourism on the local ecosystem. In the reserves, the local Maasai people will show you the ways of the animals and communities living in this amazing environmental. At the beach, you can enjoy a perfect and unspoilt environment, safe in the knowledge that your tourist bucks are going to support the local community rather than big business.

Ghana, with its laid back attitude and beautiful beaches, has a deservedly fast-growing tourist industry. But things weren’t always so happy here – you can see the scars colonialism and slavery left on this sunny land through visiting the chilling Elmina slave fortress, Osu Castle and the National Museum. You can also visit tourist eco-villages that allow you to mix with the locals as you holiday, and buy crafts from community artisans.

Wherever you’re staying, do a bit of research before you book to ensure that your money will go into the local community rather than into the coffers of an international corporation.