Senegal Holidays


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Senega has a varied climate and topography and has several large cities. Senegal has had a troubled recent past, and you should check travel advice before heading there. It's popular with backpackers – and the famous Paris to Dakar rally finishes there.

What to Do in Senegal Africa

Much of the tourism in the region is based around the Atlantic Coast of the Gambia. In Senegal, the main city is Dakar; the African Renaissance Monument is an enormous statue meant to represent African hope, although ironically is a Stalinist-esque structure made in North Korea. Goree Island has a former slave station and a beach. You should also take a trip to one of Dakar’s markets; the biggest is the Marche Sandaga.

Senegal Holidays Guide

If you’re going to Senegal as part of a package tour, then you’re likely to have an excellent beach – and, in fact, everything you’ll need to enjoy a laid back holiday – at your fingertips.

Senegal Accommodation
Both Dakar and, to a lesser extent, Banjul, are travel hubs – although taxis of various types are the best way of getting around.