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traditional Fijian thatch village in the islands

Visit Fiji to explore small islands surrounded by coconut trees, perfect white beaches, coral reefs, smiling locals performing traditional dances – all your holiday dreams can come to life here. Hotels in Fiji are the most popular in the South Pacific with some catering specifically to families, others to wedding parties and honeymooners, but Fiji's charms are for everyone. Away from the beach, you can try out white-water rafting or golf – but some people will prefer simply sunning themselves on the beach, enjoying their own piece of paradise. And the food's great too – fresh, tropical fruits, fish marinated in lemon and coconut milk and, thanks to immigration from India, you can dine on delicious spicy curries.

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wailoaloa beach in nadi
International Airport, shopping and Denarau Island

Fiji Islands Holiday Planner

By far the most popular of the South Pacific islands, Fiji holidays fill the travel agent brochures. It's no surprise as the islands are right up there as the most scenic, the most accessible and often the cheapest whilst Fijian hospitality is world renowned. You'll find plenty of tempting package holiday deals online as well although these are mostly promoting the large hotels and more commercialised island resorts. There are plenty of hidden gems out there so if you want to find these search our dedicated accommodation reviews.

It's not just family holidays in Fiji that top the popularity stakes, but an increasing number of Australian couples are coming to get married on a secluded beach, enjoy a five class honeymoon, relish the easy going ambience on a hen party and even to explore rugged countryside, and there's world famous surfing. Almost all resorts offer good snorkelling, often directly from the beach front. Most resorts have some level of scuba diving as well and usually offer introductory dive courses. For experienced scuba divers the Rainbow Reef (Taveuni) and Astrolabe Reef (Kadavu) are full of amazing drifts, caves and drop-offs. Live aboard dive charters that can help you explore the extensive dive sights in Fiji with access to some of the more remote and unexplored coral reefs.

Fiji hotels are well spread out around the islands with the only real concentration of hotels is on Denarau Island in Nadi. The Mamanuca island resorts are the most loved by families, whilst further north the Yasawas are becoming ever more popular for a beach holiday and with exceptional coral reefs for snorkelling. The Coral Coast on the main island is another popular spot with a dozen large hotels aimed mostly at families and offer better value than the offshore island resorts plus plenty of excellent sightseeing and day tours, but not as nice beaches or lagoons:


Our Favourite Accommodations

Matangi Island Resort

A long standing favourite for couples seeking adventure, this luxury boutique resort is on a uniquely private island with beautiful beaches, snorkelling and hill lookouts ...

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Castaway Island Resort

A small island resort in the popular Mamanucas good for both families and couples, Come here to relax, snorkel, walks to lookouts or to get married on the beach ...

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Long Beach Resort

This great value backpacker resort in the Yasawa Islands owned by warm, friendly Fijians from the nearby village - be sure to visit the limestone caves nearby .

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Nadi Beach Apartments

Great value self-catering accommodation in Nadi for longer stays or those looking to do their own thing and explore the highlands and offshore islands ....

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Our Favourite Activities

Traditional Village Visit

Fijian villages are community orientated and most resorts offer village tours to its guests to experience the Yaqona ceremony, church and dances ...

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Coral Reefs - Snorkel & Dive

World renowned for its soft corals and shark dives, scuba diving is exceptional and and snorkelling in Fiji is often direct from the beach ...

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Island Hopping & Cruises

Cruise the the stunning Mamanuca and Yasawa islands on sailing cruises, overnight luxury cruises or simply on passenger ferries taking in the sights ...

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Rainforest & Waterfalls

Fiji boats vibrant tropical rain forests rich in endemic birds and hosting breath-taking waterfalls plus there are several National Parks for hiking ...

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Fiji Islands Travel Guide

The main island of Viti Levu is Fiji's gateway with Nadi international airport on the sunny west side; and Suva, the capital, on the wet south-east tip being 3hrs apart travelling by road.

Viti Levu is the largest island and the location of the Fijian capital, Suva, where you can go shopping in the local market and handicraft centre. Nadi has an incredibly colourful Murakan temple, built by Indian plantation workers brought to Fiji by the British. You should also check out the nearby Sabeto mud baths, either for the therapeutic benefits or just to enjoy sitting in warm mud! There are two main concentrations of large hotels: Denarau Island in Nadi and along the Coral Coast, about 2 hrs drive from Nadi International Airport. The popular offshore island resorts of the Mamanucas are filled with families and couples looking for rest and relaxation. The Yasawa Islands is the laid-back destination for backpackers, although anyone can enjoy it's long, sandy beaches, and its also a great place to fish, snorkel and go on village excursions.

To get away from crowds you'll want to explore the outer islands. Eco-friendly tourists may be particularly interested in undeveloped Kadavu – wander the forests to see beautiful waterfalls, and try to spot parrots in the green canopies. And if you're finding it difficult to relax and go with the flow, you may want to try some of the indigenous kava. Friendly, lush Taveuni is one of the world's best places to dive, and if you don't want to share, you can sail away to the Lau islands to find an uninhabited island.

Nadi Airport & Denarau Island

Nadi International Airport, on the west coast of Fiji's main island is the main island of Fiji, is the arrival point of all tourists to Fiji and the departure point for the offshore and outer islands and many holiday-makers find themselves in town for a night either side of their main holiday. This dry sunny town is set slightly inland from the ocean and has rapidly grown with Fiji's tourist boom but unfortunately there are no beautiful white sandy beaches here. The nicest place to stay in Nadi is at Wailoaloa Beach which has a decent stretch of sand with wonderful views of the mountains and offshore islands but no snorkelling reefs. Otherwise, there are several hotels around the airport and along the busy main road which connects to Nadi Town and here there are restaurants and shops.

The other place to stay in Nadi is the gated community at Denarau Island which has a championship golf course, a shopping precinct and several large brand hotel chains. Denarau sells itself as a lifestyle resort destination which is appropriate as it is not a beach holiday destination - the island's sand, if not imported, is a rather unattractive grey sand beach with a murky lagoon - unless you want to sit around a landscaped pool or play some golf or tennis, you're far better off heading to the Coral Coast or Mamanuca Islands for your beach holiday.

For longer stays, Nadi is a good base for exploring with plenty of day tours from visiting traditional inland villages to cruising the offshore islands, as well as loads of restaurants to enjoy and several good bars.

Around Viti Levu - The Coral Coast & Suva

The Coral Coast, an hour plus by road from Nadi Airport on the south coast of Viti Levu, is a popular family resort area with easy access from the airport by road and some good value large resorts. There are also a handful of smaller resorts closer to Pacific Harbour which are tucked into secluded bays and surrounded by tropical forest. These are a good choice for couples appreciating nature and wishing to make sightseeing trips along the stunning coast which offers sand dunes, traditional villages, stunning rainforests, two excellent golf courses and adventure tours.

The bustling capital city of Suva sits on a peninsula along the south-east coast, three hours drive from Nadi. Suva has an oppressive often rainy climate, no beaches and few tourist attractions although younger travellers come here to enjoy the South Pacific's best night-life and to experience a modern and slightly edgy South Pacific cosmopolitan culture.

The north coast of Viti Levu is very rural, dominated by sugar cane farms and parched by the sun, hence its nickname, the Sun Coast. There is a small cluster of accommodation around Nananu-i-Ra Island with its pleasant beaches and great scuba diving reefs but otherwise few tourists venture this way unless they join a day tour to visit the stunning thatch houses of Navala Village.

Mamanucas Islands

Fiji's most popular tourist destination is the offshore islands and here you'll find some fantastic family resorts and smaller more intimate resorts for romantic couples. The Mamanuca Islands have uninhabited sand cays, tiny coral islands and larger volcanic islands, all with outstanding beaches, excellent snorkelling and in general lots of water activities to keep you busy: this is Fiji's holiday gem and these islands set the country apart from all other South Pacific regions. Access is by fast passenger catamaran from Denarau in Nadi, or by seaplane or helicopter from Nadi Airport.

Yasawa Islands

Extending north from the Mamanucas is the more sedate Yasawa Islands with stunning beaches and some of the best snorkelling reefs accessible from the coast. The Yasawas boast several extremely upmarket resorts as well as having the most extensive Fiji backpacker trail with more than 20 budget beach resorts along the chain of islands. Access to the islands is on board the daily fast catamaran from Denarau for which travel passes are available offering travellers hop-on / hop-off travel for greater exploring opportunities.

The Outer Islands

The outer islands of Vanua Levu (Savusavu), Taveuni , Beqa and Kadavu are much less commercialised than other tourist destinations in Fiji and here you'll experience genuine Fijian hospitality. The outer islands have some of the best scuba diving reefs in the world as well as world class reef surfing breaks. These islands also make an excellent eco-destination with tropical rainforest, waterfalls, walking trails and endemic bird species. Access to the islands is on daily flights (small planes) from Nadi or Suva.

Fiji Islands Travel Info
There are daily flights into Nadi International Airport from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Regular flights also connect Wellington, Christchurch, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Fiji is also the Pacific hub for international travel, connecting to a handful of the remoter islands like Solomons, Tuvalu and Kiribati. The main island is easy and very cheap to get around by bus, taxi or hire car with plenty of sightseeing tours available. The Mamanuca and Yasawa islands are readily accessible by fast passenger ferry, water taxi, sea-plane and helicopter. Most of the larger outer islands with tourism appeal (Savusavu on Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu and to a lesser extent Levuka on Ovalau) have daily flights from Nadi and Suva. Fiji's larger islands have a well-organized and extensive public transit system with bus stops and a schedule; in rural areas it's easy to just wave down an approaching bus.