Samoa pictures is a stunning collection of travel photography from around Independent Samoa and American Samoa. Our unique and visually inspiring photos are presented in travel slide shows, interactive maps and a categorised samoa picture library highlighting the breath-taking attractions of each. Throughout the show we provide links to detailed travel guides and accommodation directories so you can plan and book your holidays.

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Pictures of Upolu Island in Samoa

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Pictures of Offshore Islands of Samoa - Manono & Apolima

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Pictures of Savaii Island in Samoa

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Pictures of American Samoa

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Pictures of Samoan Culture

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Absout The Samoa Islands

Set in the beautiful South Pacific, American and Western Samoa are neighbouring islands each with its own national identity but sharing a common heritage. Our collection of Samoan pictures, presented in photo galleries and a categorised picture library, will highlight the breathtaking attractions of each.

The Samoan Islands has its unique and distinct attractions. Western Samoa travel evolves around its rich and very traditional culture with quaint villages, lovely beaches and sweeping coastal views. American Samoa boasts a pristine tropical rain forest environment and untouched archaeological sites. Throughout our website, we provide links to a detailed travel guide and accommodation directory so you can plan and book your holidays having been visually inspired ...

Our unique series of photographic websites is an off-shoot of our main business, Pacific Travel Guides which offers detailed travel information for those planning a holiday to the South Pacific. If you are planning a holiday, we hope this website has inspired you enough to seek out the services of our partner south pacific travel agent so we can make your trip as memorable as our own experiences of the region.

Tropical Upolu Island is a high volcanic island with central plateau and rainforest mountains with a spectacular scenic coastline surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Upolu is the most populated island in Samoa. Although Savaii Island is the largest Samoan Island and the third largest Polynesian island after New Zealand and Hawaii, life here remains traditional. Savaii is a dormant volcanic island. The last eruption lasted from 1905 to 1911 when huge volumes of lava trickled from inconspicuous Mt. Matavanu towards the coast, burying villages and filling in the lagoon.

We aim to show the country in its raw natural form as you and I will see them and not as they appear in glossy tourist brochures. I get around the country during my frequent visits as a consultant for, visiting the major tourist sights and snapping these photos along the way. These are unique pictures of real holiday views - sights on the beaten track, nothing set up, no models, no studio lighting. I hope by viewing this website you will be encouraged to enjoy these stunning scenes in person and to experience the true beauty which words alone cannot capture - to feel the warmth of the tropical sunshine, listen to birds calling out in the pristine rain forests, watch the innocence of children playing in their villages, smell the sweet scent of flowers in the air and touch the waves as they gently lap against the white sandy beaches ...