Writing, Photography, Editing, Publsihing, Distribution


With 25 years experience working in the South Pacific tourism industry, extensive knowledge coupled with a broad range of publishing skills will see your resort promoted to your clients with impact and influence. Get ahead of your competitors with our one-stop content management service.

One-Stop-Shop for Content Management

Owner Ian Osborn's a career has has included work as a photographer, journalist, author, editor, publisher, travel wholesaler and hotel reservations. This broad skill set places me in a unique position to handle all your content work with authority and influence. I will offer a one-stop shop for your content management including all design, writing and editing. I will publish your sales kits, client fact sheets, newsletters and press releases and manage your website and social media content. I can provide a seamless distribution of imagery to your wholesalers and agents (pictures, floor-plans, location maps, logos etc) and also offer cost-effective photography on my visits to your resort which I need to do at least annually to keep me updated and give me fresh ideas.

I know the South Pacific as well as anyone in the industry. I worked as a travel publisher for over 15 years promoting seven South Pacific destinations to the global travelling public and visited over 300 resorts on site inspections. I know what is unique about a property and what's not and will focus on what really makes you stand out over your competitors. I owned an online travel agency for a further 10 years and know exactly what information agents are hungry for and how to manage your messages efficiently in this fiercely competitive market-place.

The old adage "Content is King" is pivotal in tourism. Be it writing alluring text or delivering mouth-watering images, content is just the beginning. Good SEM requires engaging, informative and well-written story-telling with plenty of visual stimulus and then DISTRIBUTED to the right eyes.


Writing & Editing

We’ll write all your sales kits, newsletters, press releases and website content - even your room compendiums - to ensure a clear, clean and concise message is portrayed to both your guests and your agents. As the original author to the 350-page travel book "Rough Guide to Fiji" and having written all text for the Beautiful Pacific / Pacific Travel Guides websites since 1998, Ian's experience in promoting the region and understanding what is unique about each and every property will enable me to portray your resort in a clear and meaningful way.

Image Library & Photography

We'll create fresh imagery for all your sales material and load this into your content database ready for distribution in all media types. Ian started his South Pacific journey as a professional photographer and photo journalist back in 1993. He has since worked as a wedding photographer in Fiji and has photographed over 300 resorts in six South Pacific destinations for the Beautiful Pacific website. Ian's keen eye on landscapes, backgrounds and natural light helps him create a compelling image that engages the client in a subtle way.