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Once a seemingly backward British protectorate, oil-rich Qatar is a prosperous state on the Arabian Peninsula – and also the home of Al-Jazeera. Noted for its beautiful, seemingly endless desert and equally appealing coastline, you can also see a number of historical sites. The larger towns, including Doha, are lively places with numerous sights. With the wealth of activities, Qatar is suitable for families, and also those who want to explore the sights and sounds of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar is also a generally good place to eat out, although for the most part you can only get alcohol with your meals inside hotels.


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Doha is the main city of Qatar, and likely to be the focus of your sightseeing. There are numerous museums, the best of which is probably the Museum of Islamic Art. You should also visit the forts, and the souk. The long seaside promenade is called the Corniche, and is best enjoyed in the evening, after the heat of the day has passed.

Although all the main sights are concentrated in Doha, you can also visit Al-Khor to experience life in a smaller, less busy town. Al-Khor has a small port, a sandy beach where you can paddle in the waves, and a small corniche. Most tourists to Qatar arrive by plane at Doha's airport. It is possible to come overland by bus, but clearing customs can take a long time. You can't bring any alcohol into Qatar, but you can buy drinks at some hotels. Motor racing fans should try to get tickets for the annual Qatar Moto GP.

Outside of Khor Al Udeid, the Inland Sea, is one of the highlights of Qatar. Like in other cities in the region, shopping malls are very popular – one is even designed to look like Venice. If you want to escape the city, you can explore the undulating dunes of this vast desert area by Land Rover – called 'dune bashing'.

Travel Facts

Capital: Doha
Language(s): Arabic
Demonym: Qatari
Area: 11,437 km2 (164th)
Population: 1,696,563 (148th)
Currency: Riyal (QAR)
Time Zone: AST (UTC+3)
Drives on the: right
International Airport: located in Doha
Weather Jan: Av Temp: 0°C / Rain Days: 0
Weather July: Av Temp: 0°C / Rain Days: 0