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Oman has long been a great centre for seafaring and trading, and the historical sights that come from this trade are fascinating locations to visit as you travel this hot, desert land. As well as ancient markets, forts and rolling sand dunes, you’ll also have the chance to adventure into the desert on safaris, enjoy stargazing, try haggling for souvenirs, lie on the sands at some of Oman’s secluded beaches, visit oasis towns, and venture into the highest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula. Although the Omani hinterland is the main attraction, the main cities are great destinations for sights and for shopping.

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Muscat, the capital of Oman, is an ancient and appealling city. It's actually three towns rolled into one, with the original Muscat being the site of the city walls and the Royal Palace.

There are two forts, various museums and a large mosque, and the Corniche is a popular place for an evening stroll and dinner. The Mutrah Souk is particularly noted for its fish, although you'll be able to find all sorts of souvenirs here; if you have time, then Muscat is a great place to have a tailored suit made, too. Close to the city are the Wadi Shab, and the Nakhal Fort, which is more impressive than the citadels in Muscat itself.

It's likely that you'll arrive in Muscat, and from here you can travel to the rest of the country. Nizwah is reasonably close to the capital and has a very impressive fort. Further on, Bahla has an oasis, and its fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Masirah Island is fairly isolated but that makes it a good choice if you want to see wildlife, including four species of turtles. Thousands come here to lay their eggs, and you can spot them on the beaches and when snorkelling in the sea. The Wahiba Sands have, well, sand – the area is full of enormous rolling sand dunes. Stay in one of the hotels to try a desert safari.

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The easiest way to get to Oman is to fly, however, Muscat is also a stop on several cruise itineraries.