The Beautiful Vanuatu Islands

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Vanuatu Islands

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What's special about Vanuatu

Holidays in Vanuatu evolve around adventure with scuba diving, exploring WWII wrecks and climbing active volcanoes on the list to do. Culture in Vanuatu is intensely traditional and there are cultural centres to visit, local kastom villages to engage and festivals to marvel at including the famous Pentecost land divers who perform at various locations on their home island between April and June each year. There are three main tourist islands to visit:

Efate Island is the main population centre with the capital city of Port Vila and the main international airport. Vila overlooks a beautiful lagoon and has several beach suburbs making it a popular destination for a family holiday as well as interesting sightseeing tours around the island. Espiritu Santo in the north also has an international airport and boats fantastic scuba diving, including the world's most famous accessible wreck dive, as well as exceptional hiking trails through virgin rainforest. In the south is Tanna Island famous for its active volcano which can be climbed for stunning sunsets and fiery night-time displays.

Where to Stay

What are the best Vanuatu hotels?

Port Vila is the main tourist centre and sprawls along a large lagoon with a couple of large international brand hotels as well as smaller boutique beach resorts, some located on small islands. The town has plenty of great restaurants and bars to enjoy along the waterfront as well as a casino.

Outside of Port Vila, the only other concentration of hotels is in Luganville Town whose main purpose for tourists is to serve as a convenient base for scuba diving the famous SS Coolidge wreck dive. Otherwise, boutique resorts and tribal huts can be found scattered around the entire group:


Vanuatu Holiday Inspirations

Erakor Lagoon in Port Vila Erakor Lagoon in Port Vila
Cultural show at a resort in Vanuatu Cultural show at a resort in Vanuatu
Boutique beach resort in Vanuatu Boutique beach resort in Vanuatu
 View from downtown Port Vila View from downtown Port Vila
 Yassur Volcano on Tanna Island Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island
Traditional village in Vanuatu< Traditional village in Vanuatu