The Beautiful South Pacific

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If you've ever fancied being marooned on an uninhabited island, swimming in a turquoise ocean or sitting on a secluded beach under the shade of a coconut tree with an cocktail in hand, then you should stay at a beach resort in the South Pacific. While the clear seas, blue skies, palm trees and friendly locals are all stereotypes, they are associated with the South Pacific islands because that's what you get! And there are no serious bugs, crime or political anxiety to worry about and few crowds or unscrupulous beer drinking lads to deal with – the South Seas really are a paradise for holiday-makers.

South Pacific

interactive map of the South Pacific islands
What's special about the South Pacific Islands?

Foremost, it's isolation. The spectacular South Pacific islands are relatively immune from the commercial modern world and offer an exceptionally easy-going and laid back holiday ambience with few crowds. Tropical beach resorts, island hopping, exceptional coral reefs and of course year-round warm sunny weather are the main appeal for families and honeymooners. But adventure too awaits for those a little more curious ....

The islands openly embrace tourism and make visitors instantly welcome with their warm smiles and greetings. There are few political or religious anxieties, low crime and free from most tropical diseases (there's some malaria in the Solomons). Probably the greatest hindrance is transportation, with island hopping a hit and miss affair with flights often delayed and boat and bus schedules erratic ... be prepaid for misinformation, a lack of urgency to do anything and go with the flow ...

Holiday Tips

Which South Pacific islands to visit?

Fiji is the most popular and most developed for tourism of the island destinations with over 150 beach resorts to choose from, many on small private islands. Come here for its beaches, kids clubs, day cruises and snorkelling. The Cook Islands is hugely popular amongst Kiwi's with a great holiday ambience on Rarotonga with self catering holiday bungalows and a good variety of restaurants around Rarotonga.

Samoa and Tonga are slowly developing and are very laid back - Tonga has fabulous whale watching and lots of small uninhabited islands whilst Samoa by contrast has volcanic scenery and tropical rain forest to explore. Vanuatu also has volcanoes - active ones - and a rich culture with good scuba diving, but even better than this is the Solomon Islands which has a very basic tourist infrastructure. The two French colonies of New Caledonia and Tahiti are both a lot more expensive destinations to visit and have overwater bungalows and fine dining popular with honeymooners.

South Pacific Holiday Destinations