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Lush green Samoa is one of the Pacific's most beautiful holiday destinations. Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island, was a an who knew about islands – and it was Samoa that Stevenson chose to retire to.

As far as modern tourism goes, the islands remain very undeveloped with only a handful of hotels in Samoa alongside the beach but this lack of commercial accommodation gives it a unique charm with a sense of adventure. Sightseeing is fantastic on the two main islands of Upolu and Savaii with stunning blow-holes, ancient lava fields, endless waterfalls as well as majestic rainforest and secluded beaches to visit and the country boasts a very open and traditional culture.

Samoa Highlights
Sunset walk along Apia Harbour

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Staying in a Traditional Beach Fale

Tia Seu Ancient Mound Auala

Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

Le Pupu Pue National Park

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

Saanapu and Sataoa Mangroves Satiuatua

Samoa Holidays Guide

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, the two main islands that make up Samoa are a picture postcard of natural beauty with each offering a different holiday environment to explore. It is also a virtually undiscovered surfing Mecca – if you're considering a surfing holiday, make Samoa one of your longest stops. If you're not there to surf, there is still plenty to keep you in awe of Samoa's perfection.

The main island of Samoa and population centre of the group is Upolu with the charming seaside town of Apia, several upmarket beach resorts around the south coast, three nice golf courses and the international airport making it the most popular island to spend your holidays on. Neighbouring Savaii is the largest island and although sparsely populated has some great sightseeing including lava fields, blow-holes and tropical forests.

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American Samoa, 150-km east of Apia, has an even more limited tourist infrastructure with only a handful of hotels geared mostly towards business travellers and Samoans living overseas and visiting the folks back home. The island has several large National Parks protecting the natural tropical forest with some good hiking trails as well as the beautiful Pago Pago harbour on which lies the capital town.

Samoa's airport, Faleolo Airport, is located 35km west of Apia. Virgin Polynesia have direct flights from Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney, whilst Air New Zealand offer twice weekly flights from Los Angeles, connecting on to Europe, and daily flights to Auckland. From any other departure gate, you will have to make a stop or two along the way, but the end result is definitely worth the extra time it takes to get there. Almost half of all visitor arrivals to the country are Samoans visiting from overseas and flights can often be full during Christmas and other holiday periods.

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