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Southern Caribbean holidays guide with in depth travel information on the region. Find out the best countries to visit, the top attractions to see and the best southern caribbean accommodation options for tourists. Make the most of your holiday to West Indies.
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The Southern Caribbean is a group of small islands in the West Indies, very near the northern coast of South America. Barbados is to the east, Trinidad & Tobago to the far south, and Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, often referred to as the Dutch Antilles, in the south, along with a few smaller island nations off the coast of Venezuela. The Caribbean Sea lies to the north and west of the island nations, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Gulf of Paria to the south. All of the Southern Caribbean islands are either volcanic or made of limestone coral, forming as they did at the ridge of the Caribbean and South American tectonic plates. Due to the close proximity of the equator, the Southern Caribbean has all year around tropical weather. Most of the islands are in the Windward Islands chain and the Netherlands Antilles. The majority of the islands are covered in tropical rainforests that make for excellent hiking and zip-lining.

Southern Caribbean Highlights

Southern Caribbean Holidays Guide

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao together are 3/5th of the Caribbean islands that are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, called the Dutch Antilles; they are often referred to as the ABC Islands. Their tropical marine climate tempts visitors to the islands 365 days each year. Aruba is one of the top five windsurfing and kite surfing destinations in the world, with crazy waves and trade winds that average up to fifteen knots. Bonaire is so quiet and peaceful there are no traffic lights anywhere on the island. It is home to three of the world’s seven species of sea turtles: Green and hawksbill turtles are found in the seas around Bonaire all year, and the big-headed loggerheads generally only visit during nesting season. Bonaire is quiet, peaceful, relaxing and lightly populated; the flamingo population almost beats the human population most days. Curaçao was selected as one of the ‘Top 21 Places We’re Going in 2011’ by Fodor’s, one of the ‘Hottest Destinations for 2011’ by AOL Travel, and one of the ‘Destinations to Watch in 2011’ by SmarterTravel. The island nation also won two awards from Scuba Diving magazine’s “Top 100 Gold List,” for the “Best Dive Operation” (Ocean Encounters) and for the “Best Dive Site” (Superior Producer). The largest and most populous of the ABC islands, Curaçao attracts divers to the Mushroom Forest, an underwater jungle of 10-foot, mushroom-shaped star coral, and hikers to the Hato Caves, an elaborate system of stalagmites and stalactites decorated with 1,500-year-old cave paintings.

Popular Southern Caribbean Holiday Destinations

Trinidad & Tobago, located just 11+ km. off the coast of Venezuela, are an intriguing mix of natural beauty and cultural diversity; Trinidad is larger and more populous with about 94% of the total area and 96% of the total population of the country. The terrain of the islands is a mixture of mountains and plains, and offers activities for adventurers as well as beach bunnies. You can go hiking through rain forests in search of the many hidden waterfalls, or explore cavernous caves, or just bike through the lush countryside, go turtle watching, or kayak through the forests, watching for the indigenous wildlife. There are three major towns in Trinidad: the capital city of Port of Spain, plus Chaguanas and San Fernando; the main town in Tobago is Scarborough. There are many beautiful beaches in these islands. Some Trinidad beaches are great for swimming, others for beachcombing. Some are ideal for surfing, while still others are renowned for their scenery.

Places to Visit

Barbados is a lush, tiny island nation located at the farthest easterly end of the Caribbean chain. The island, which measures just 34 km x 23 km, is an exciting fusion of old and new, and offers more adventures per square mile than any other in the Caribbean. That means adventure by day and revelry by night for some, and restful relaxation on pristine white sand beaches with a novel and a tropical drink for others.  The people are welcoming, the sea is inviting, the food is amazing, and the fun is endless.

Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita) is the largest island of the state of Nueva Esparta in Venezuela along with the islands of Coche and Cubagua, situated in the far southern part of the Caribbean Sea, off the northeastern coast of the country. The breathtaking scenery, excellent hotels and nightlife and duty-free shopping are all attracting vacationers, and the proximity to South America makes it one of the top vacation spots for Venezuelans.

Bequia is a tiny island just west of Barbados. If its peace and solitude you want Bequia is the place. You can walk the lush island by foot or hire a taxi with a friendly driver who will show you around and make your visit special. The exotic beaches here have served as a haven for the rich and famous for years.

La Tortuga Island (Isla La Tortuga, or Turtles) is an uninhabited island dependency of Venezuela. It is part of a chain of tiny islands that includes the Tortuguillas, the Palaquines, and is virtually unspoiled. You can visit for the day and see all the turtles that still live here.

The Los Roques islands are also part of Venezuela, consisting of about 350 islands, cays, and islets. Being virtually untouched, this coral reef attracts many rich and famous visitors, especially from Europe, many of which come arrive in personal yachts and anchor in the protected shallow waters.

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