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Northern Caribbean holidays guide with in depth travel information on the region. Find out the best countries to visit, the top attractions to see and the best northern caribbean accommodation options for tourists. Make the most of your holiday to West Indies.
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Sometimes called the Lucayan Archipelago, the Northern Caribbean consists of The Bahamas; Turks & Caicos, which are in fact in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, not in the Caribbean Sea; and Bermuda. The archipelago is located in the western North Atlantic Ocean east of Florida and north of the Greater Antilles.

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Northern Caribbean Holidays Guide

The Bahamas, a limestone archipelago, is an incredible 700 islands and 2,500 cays covering 259,000 km² of clear turquoise seas. Each island offers its own distinct geography and heritage, as well as a haven for sun-worshippers, beauty for underwater enthusiasts, and first-class hospitality. The Bahamas has a unique program, called “People to People,” that offers visitors a friendly island ambassador—at no charge. Staying anywhere in The Bahamas is a magical experience. Wander through colonial forts, old plantations, and any number of small, remote villages. Go caving, take a booze cruise, check out the alleged location of “The Fountain of Youth” on Bimini, photograph the endangered Bahamas parrot, explore the Pirates of Nassau museum, watch the many massive yachts sail in and out of the numerous island harbours, and shop for hand-crafted baskets in Nassau’s Straw Market. The selection of accommodations in The Bahamas ranges from charming inns at the low-cost end of the scale, to fabulously decadent and luxurious resorts.

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The Turks and Caicos Island nation consists of two groups of tropical islands—the larger Caicos Islands and the smaller Turks Island group, plus another 38 islands and cays and an additional 250+ tiny isles with a total land area of 616.3 km². Of these, only eight are inhabited. For several decades in the 18th century, the islands were a popular hideout for pirates; more recently, Condé Nast Traveler voted Grace Bay Beach on the tiny island of Providenciales the World's #1 Beach. Along the boundaries of the islands lay some of the most remarkable coral walls in the Caribbean. With underwater visibility typically exceeding 60 metres, Turks and Caicos is a divers’ paradise. This many-island nation offers nature-lovers an array of unique sights and sounds, including an impressive chain of underwater limestone caves in Middle Caicos – the largest such chain in the Caribbean; the awe-inspiring cliffs of Mudjidin Beach; and The Hole – a massive, naturally-formed limestone abyss on Providenciales Island where the very adventurous can to be lowered more than 24 metres into a completely isolated, natural swimming hole.

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If you’re looking for a relaxing or romantic getaway vacation spot, Bermuda might just be the place for you. Less than 1900 km southeast of New York, this tiny string of Atlantic Islands (one of the nine smallest places in the world at just 53 km²) is comprised of 6 main islands and 120 very small islands. Bermuda is a secluded refuge of stunning natural beauty; as soon as you arrive everything just slows down, including you. You can spend the balmy days on Bermuda boating, sunning, shopping, or swimming with dolphins. There are huge crystal caves to spelunk (Bermuda has one of the highest concentrations of limestone caves in the world), and historical museums, military forts, and churches to photograph. The nightlife ranges from hot jazz clubs to quiet Irish pubs. As Bermuda is one of the few places in the world that bans rental cars, getting around is down to taxi, public bus, ferry, scooter/moped, bicycle, walking, and minibus/airport limo. If you can get a tee time, work on your golf game – there are 9 golf courses on this tiny island nation, one for every level of golfer! There is a lot to keep you occupied, but Bermuda is all about relaxing and rejuvenating. Mark Twain said it best: “You go to heaven if you want – I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.”

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The Cayman Islands, a British Territory located in the Western Caribbean 772.5 km from Miami, consist of the sister islands Grand Cayman (197 sq. km), Cayman Brac (36 sq. km), and Little Cayman (25.9 sq. km), all three of which are actually the tips of large, mostly flat coral heads covering submerged ice age mountains. The Caymans’ beaches are rated as amongst the best in the world. A visitor favorite is Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman’s western shore. World renowned for its beauty, the beach was named "The Caribbean's Best Beach" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. As the most popular beach, it is also the most developed and commercialized area of Grand Cayman and is home to the majority of the island's luxury resorts and hotels. Rum Point on the north side of Grand Cayman offers tranquility, calm shallow waters, huts, hammocks, beach volleyball and all watersports—an ideal Cayman day. Heritage Beach, a remote spot found just past the East End Public dock, is a great place to get away for it all. A bit farther along is East End Public Beach, so secluded all you hear is the sound of lapping waves and singing birds, offers total seclusion and peace.

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