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Northern Thailand Holidays tells you the best places to visit in this beautiful region of thailand with maps, pictures and resort reviews. Find out which Northern Thailand resorts to stay at for your holiday and day tours to visit the best scenic attractions in Thailand.
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Southern Thailand has all the beaches, but also most of the tourists. Northern Thailand is a great place to go if you want to find out more about Thai culture and history without going on a beach holiday with thousands of others. Northern Thailand has ornate temples, elephants, some amazing food, and vibrant cities. This area is attractive to budget travellers and backpackers, but you can also stay in mid-range or luxury hotels and get from sight to sight on air-conditioned coach. However you choose to see this part of Thailand, you'll enjoy the laid back atmosphere and the spectacular scenery.

Northern Thailand – Regions or Cities to Visit

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It's said that you haven't properly experienced Chang Mai until you've climbed Do Suthep to see the view of the city, consumed a bowl of kao soi – a spicy rice noodle soup – and bought an umbrella from the handicraft centre of Bo Sang. It's true that if you do all these things you'll see a lot of the city, but you should also explore the hundreds of temples, visit the aquarium, and go to an elephant camp. And enjoy the city's nightlife and restaurant scene too. Further out of the city, you can explore the jungles, and go to Doi Inthanon National Park to see waterfalls, mountains and a local village.

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Northern Thailand is a great destination for canopy tours of the jungles – the Flight of the Gibbon has zip wires, while other tours concentrate more on educating you about wildlife. You can also visit the Golden Triangle, the place where the Mekon and Ruak Rivers meet, which marks the border with Laos and Burma – there's an opium museum here, and a giant golden Buddha on a ship. You should also definitely visit Sukothai, with its ancient ruins and statues, and Nan, which used to be the capital of a small medieval state and has many associated sights.

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You can reach Northern Thailand from Bangkok.

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