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Tokyo Holidays offers a handy travel insight to japan with maps, pictures and hotel reviews. Find out which Tokyo hotels to stay at, what iconic attractions to see and where to mingle with the locals.
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Futuristic robots. Vending machines that sell eggs. Bizarrely dressed Harajuku girls. While many cities can describe themselves as 'modern', nowhere on earth is the idea of a futuristic metropolis more evident than in Tokyo. From the hordes of people who trek across Shibuya's famous street crossing to the 24 hour karaoke signs that light up the city, Tokyo is a sleepless hive of activity full of eccentric novelties. From fans of Japanese pop culture to those simply curious to see whether all they've heard about Japan is true, Tokyo offers travellers a holiday experience that is guaranteed to never be dull.

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Plunge head first into the hectic streets of Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya to get a true taste of Tokyo city life. For the many who love Japanese cuisine, the sashimi doesn't get any fresher than at Tsukuji Fish Market. The huge hanging lanterns that adorn the gates of Asakusa's Seno-ji temple is a great opportunity for photos, while techies can revel in the electronics mecca of Akihabara. In Central Tokyo, Chiyoda's Imperial gardens and shrines offer a respite from the hectic pace of Tokyo life as well as a number of temple markets to buy traditional charms and trinkets. When day turns to night, head over to Roppongi for delicious late night snacks and sake at a local izakaya.

The best way to enjoy all that Tokyo has to offer is to simply walk around and soak in the atmosphere of Tokyo's diverse districts. Shibuya and Ginza are the fashionable shopping districts of Tokyo, catering to both eccentric and high fashion tastes. Roppongi and Shinjuku are host some of the city's wildest nightlife and best bars. For a taste of Old Tokyo, Sumida and Taito are cultural hubs featuring a large variety of museums and temples as well as the city's main sumo arena.

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