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East Asia holidays guide with in depth travel information on the region. Find out the best countries to visit, the top attractions to see and the best east asia accommodation options for tourists. Make the most of your holiday to Asia.
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East Asia is one of the most varied regions on earth.

Mainland China is a vast country, and includes everything you could want in a holiday. Beijing is the biggest destination, with its world famous sights; it's also close to the Great Wall of China. Xi'an is another popular destination, and marks the end of the Silk Road. Tibet, Manchuria, and many more regions all have something to offer. Depending on where you go, you'll find historic cities with beautiful gardens, amazing bazaars, and popular beach resorts like Hainan Island

East Asia Highlights

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are all enormous port cities on trade. Visit here to for fast paced city life, shopping malls, theme parks, and the busy and bewildering experience of nightlife in colourful and noisy Asian city. All of these destinations have great restaurant scenes, and a wide range of pubs, clubs and karaoke bars. It's not all about city life though – both Hong Kong and Taiwan have remote hinterlands, where you can get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful walk in the forest.

Japan is famous for its blend of high tech living and ancient traditions. Tokyo is worth visiting to see its many subcultures, while Kyoto, the ancient capital, is noted for its geisha and temples. It's not all about the cities though – you should also take in a hot springs resort and try walking in the Japanese countryside.

Getting Around

South Korea was once a Japanese colony, and shares some traditions, like cherry blossom parties. However, it's a proud nation in its own right. Seoul is an enormous city, and would take a lifetime to explore. Hillwalking is extremely popular in South Korea, so head to the hills if you get sick of the intensity of the cities – there are also numerous beach resorts. Wherever you go, try some of the local dak gabi barbecue restaurants, and wash your food down with a shot of soju.
Asian Accommodation Tips

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