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Guesthouses provide the same function as pensions in Europe. They are found in most resorts and cities where tourists congregate. However, the quality can be quite variable – double check what facilities are available before you book, and you might want to make sure you’ll have air conditioning.

Hostels with dormitories are popular in China. However, in Thailand and Indonesia, budget travellers tend to have private rooms. You can generally find hostels in major cities, however. Hostels in Singapore and Hong Kong can come with private rooms, and can be a great way to stay in pricey destinations.

It can be awkward finding budget accommodation in China as many budget hotels don’t accept foreigners. However, you’ll be able to sleep in spas, and hostels are increasingly popular (and in some cases have better facilities than low-cost hotels).

Asian Holidays & Accommodation – Regions or Cities to Visit
Thailand has remote beaches, mountains, and there's plenty of scope for city adventures in Bangkok

Vietnam is increasingly popular with tourists – now is a good time to go, before it gets really busy

Japan will appeal to open-minded travellers who are keen to experience a different culture

South Korea is excellent for trekking holidays

Sri Lanka has some fantastic destinations to explore, and is quickly reaffirming itself as a great tourism destination.

Asian Holidays & Accommodation Guide

Luxury accommodation

Luxury hotels can be found in all major cities, and offer an air-conditioned escape from the sometimes-chaotic streets! You will always be able to find modern luxury hotels, while some cities offer elegant colonial accommodation. These are extremely comfortable, and will usually be able to serve alcohol even in regions of Asia that are generally dry.

Boutique hotels are found in Thailand, but not many other places in the region. They are usually small hotels that offer a personalised service.

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns. While you can find affordable versions, they tend to be expensive. They offer a bed for the night, dinner and breakfast, and a unique cultural experience.

Cruises are another way to see Asia in luxury – some boats have several swimming pools on board, and everything else you need to enjoy a great holiday.

Beach accommodation

You’ll find beach accommodation to suit all budgets. The guesthouses mentioned above are usually available, and are a fab way to have a beach holiday on a budget.

Areas of South-East Asia that specialise in honeymoon tourists, like the Maldives and Indonesia, have some fantastic luxury beach resorts with everything that you need to enjoy a pampered and relaxing stay.

Major beach resorts have the same range of accommodation as you’d find anywhere, running from luxury hotels with their own swimming pools, to simple guesthouses. If you’re heading somewhere less touristy, then guesthouses may be your only option.

If you want to stay in one of the national parks in the region, depending on where you go, accommodation can be fairly basic. However, this could be a price worth paying if you’re desperate to escape the crowds.

If you’re interested in learning foreign language, then try a homestay with a local family. The set-up varies, but meals are usually included.

Asia also has some great unusual and quirky budget accommodation that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s unlikely that you’d want to stay in these for your entire holiday, as most of them lack the comforts and facilities of Western-style hotels. However, if you’re travelling around and want to spend a night in more unusual accommodation, then you might want to try staying at one of the following:

Dak bungalows in India are generally used by government workers who need to rent rooms in an area, and most also accept travellers. They can be a good way to meet interesting people as you’re travelling around.

Love hotels are found in Korea and Japan, and are generally rented out in the daytime hours – in these densely populated countries, they provide a social function by allowing couples some space. Some have separate entrances and you can handle the whole stay without actually seeing any staff! However, they can also be used for overnight stays for budget travellers – although you’ll probably have to check in after 10pm to get an overnight rate.

Japan has other budget accommodation available. Minishuku are budget inns, where you’ll generally have a shared bathroom. Capsule hotels give you, well, a capsule to sleep in. They’re generally affordable, but they can be expensive in downtown Tokyo.

Jjimjilbang are Korean spas – some can be used as overnight accommodation too.

Asian Accomodation Tips

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