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Comprehensive travel information, maps and pictures of America holiday highlights to help holiday makers make an informed decision on which country to visit and where to stay in the beautiful American continent.
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Romance -
Los Angeles & California, Hawaii (kauai & maui), Chile, Argentina, Toronto,

Family –
Boston & New England, Mexico, Canada, Florida

Budget –
Grand Canyon and Arizona, Nicaragua, Belize, New Orleans

Luxury –
Las Vegas and Nevada, Chile, Long Island, Brazil, Acapulco, Los Cobos, Puerto Vallarta

Adventure -
Canada, Venezuela, Galapogas, Uruguay

Sightseeing -
Panama, Niagra Falls, Washington DC, Argentina

National Parks –
Alaska, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Rocky NP (US) & Banff (Canada), Grand Teton, Nuael Huapti in Argentina, Brazil

Family theme parks –
Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Cedar Point, Dollywood

Iconic USA –
New York (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Met Museum), Nevada (Vegas & Area 51), Tennessee (Gracelands & Nashville), Arizona (Tombstone and the Grand Canyon), San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge)

Skiing in America –
Rockies and Colorado, Chile, Argentina, Canada

Mayan and Inca –
Mexico, Peru, Honduras & Guatamala Mesa Verde (Colorado)

Amazon and Rainforests –
Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica (coastal rain forests), Olympic NP (Washington State) & Pacific Rim NP (Canada)

Beach holidays –
Miami & Florida, Hawaii, Cancun, Venezuela, Costa Rica

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