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Barbados is alush, tiny island nation located at the farthest easterly end of the Caribbean chain. The island, which measures just 34 km x 23 km, is an exciting fusion of old and new, and offers more adventures per square mile than any other in the Caribbean. That means adventure by day and revelry by night for some, and restful relaxation on pristine white sand beaches with a novel and a tropical drink for others. The people are welcoming, the sea is inviting, the food is amazing, and the fun is endless.

Barbados Highlights

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Barbados has something to offer visitors of every age and every personality; it is different than the other island in the Caribbean, being because it is a coral island and not a volcanic. If you're a beer lover, try the Island's own Banks Beer. The water used to make Banks is first filtered through the island's natural coral, then through the natural limestone,giving the beer a mellow "tropical" taste that goes perfectly with the country's official national fish, the flying fish. If you take a catamaran tour, it's likely the crew will be catching your lunch while you snorkel with turtles.

Places to Visit

Accommodations abound, but you'll find the greatest concentration of them along the south and west coasts, with luxury resorts sharing the beach with tidy, affordable apartels. There are wonderful hotels and luxury guest houses (complete with staff) on the picturesque, east coast, anda few remote northern hideaways if you really want solitude. You can even stay with a Barbadian family if you want to experience total immersion in the "Bajan" culture.

Barbados Accommodation Guide

Every side of the Barbados coastline has a different personality. The southern and western coasts are most popular (and so most crowded), with the calm bright blue Caribbean Sea attracting families and sunbathers. Along the island's east coast, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, the tumbling waves are perfect for surfing and the landscape and tidal pools are simply stunning. The north coast is a bit wild, with tall cliffs, no facilities, and unpredictable Atlantic currents, and offers incredible vistas. Keep your eyes open for green monkeys – they are free to leave the Wildlife Preserve and do so at will.

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Barbados Travel Info

The Grantley Adams International Airport receives daily flights from across the globe, as well as regional commercial airlines and charterservices.Helicopter charters are available if you want to hop over to nearby islands, and most visitors opt to hire a car, as there are so many places to see on this delightful tropical paradise.

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