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The Ganges is India’s holiest river, a goddess in physical form, and is sacred to millions of Hindus, who believe it is a force for revitalisation, redemption and renewal. Living pilgrims bathe and light floating candles on the water, while the ashes of the devout are scattered on the waterway. Varansai is a sacred city on the river, where pilgrims gather to bathe to wash away their sins. Wander the streets of the city, mingle with the crowds, and try to take it in the sights, smells and sounds of one of India’s most fascinating and overwhelming destinations.

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At regular intervals there are religious festivals on the banks of the Ganges, with thousands of people bathing in the waters. It’s an amazing spectacle. You can also take a boat ride on the river – try going at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the scenery and ambience at its best. Go shopping for crafts and handiwork, including items made out of silk. You can also visit some of the innumerable temples around the city, including the Golden Temple, the Kaal Bhairav Temple and the Gowdi Matha Temple. The ghats are the steps down to the river where bathers prepare and funerals are held. The Assi Ghat has numerous hotels and restaurants nearby.

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Varansi is best visited in the winter or shoulder seasons, as it becomes unbearably hot (and also smelly!) in the summertime. Despite (or possibly partly because of) the number of pilgrims, the stretch of the Ganges at Varansai is very polluted. Although lots of people still choose to bathe in it, you might want to ask for advice before you take the plunge yourself, or go much further upstream. While the cremation ghats are open to everyone, it’s best not to take photos of cremations. Also, both cremated and non-cremated remains are consigned to the waters and some wash up on the eastern shore, which you may want to avoid!

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Varanasi is around midway between Delhi and Kolkatta.

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