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Manchuria Holidays tells you the best places to visit in this beautiful region of china with maps, pictures and resort reviews. Find out which Manchuria resorts to stay at for your holiday and day tours to visit the best scenic attractions in China.
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North-East China, the land beyond the Great Wall, is little visited by foreign tourists. Consequently, you’ll need to be fairly confident of your ability to communicate before you venture into the region. But once you have, you’ll find many rewards in Manchuria, the region’s ancient name. You can see ancient palaces, visit temples, tuck into noodles, and generally experience Chinese culture away from hordes of other Western tourists. Although the region is off the tourist radar, it’s easy to get to, with some beautiful national parks; if you’re travelling in winter, visit here to see some cold-weather sports and festivals.

Manchuria – Regions or Cities to Visit

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Shenyang’s Mukden Palace is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is definitely worth a visit to see its colourful pagodas, carvings and the elaborate chambers and halls. Elsewhere in the city you’ll find statues, tombs and mausoleums related to the Qing dynasty, as well as the 9.18 Museum, which documents the Japanese invasion of this part of China. The local Liaocai cuisine makes liberal use of garlic and ginger, but not chilli – graze on noodles and dumplings as you go between sites. Close by, the city of Anshan is a good base for visiting the Qianshan National Park, which has numerous temples and monasteries. There’s also a nearby thermal springs resort.

Highlights and Icons

Dalian is the busiest port in Northern China, but is also a handsome city with a good mixture of parks, Russian and Japanese colonial architecture, some great beaches and lively nightlife. Come here to attend one of the regular festivals, or go shopping. The Rimmed Trees of Jilin are truly remarkable – the ice-rimming occurs when the warm river meets the cold air, and forms ice-crystals on trees. In the far north, Heilongjian is a province with a strong Russian influence – much of the area is closer to Vladivostock than Beijing. Wualianchi is has spas and spectacular scenery, a light show and volcanoes.

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Shenjang and the North East have good air connections to the rest of China, but can also be visited from Russia – perhaps on a Trans-Siberian style overland journey.

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