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You're probably more familiar with the people and cuisine of Guangdong Province than you think. A majority of Chinese emigrants can trace their heritage back to here, as well as neighbouring Fuijan Province and Hainan Island – which means that this region has had a disproportionately large influence on the food that most Westerners think of as Chinese, which is Cantonese in original. Both Fuijan and Guangdong are particularly noted for their food. As well as finding the origins of your favourite takeaway meal, come here to visit the lively cities, beautiful mountains and historical sights. It's easy to get around on the bullet trains, which are an experience in themselves.

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Guangdong was an important trade region in bygone days, and the capital, Guangzhou, has many historical sights. These include Shamian Island, which was formerly the only place in China were Europeans could settle, and was inhabited by the French and the British. It has a unique atmosphere and a beautiful cathedral. Elsewhere in the city, you'll find temples, tombs and museums, particularly about recent Chinese history; you'll also find the largest city park in the country. White Cloud Mountain and Lotus Mountain have fantastic views of the city, and plenty of opportunities to take part in sport. Guangdong has a very extensive restaurant scene – beware, though, as traditional restaurants serve some dishes with very unusual ingredients – and also has some of the best bars and clubs in China.

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Qingyuan is a very popular local holiday destination – you can bathe in the hot springs, and try white water rafting in the river, as well as an aqua park and cable car. In Fuijan Province, Mount Wuyu is one of the main tourist destinations. As well as walking on the mountain itself, you can take a raft along a river to see 'Hanging Coffins'; coffins that were wedged into cracks in the rock thousands of years ago.

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The capital of Fuijan Province, Fuzhou, is a bustling trade centre. It's worth visiting for its historical sights, including the "Three Lanes and Seven Alleys" area, which forms the ancient core of the city.
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Guangdong and Fuijan are easily accessible from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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