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Asia is the world’s biggest and most populous continent, and is increasingly powerful politically, culturally and economically. Given the size of the continent, you’ll find all sorts of holiday destinations here, from beaches to city breaks.

Beach holidays are popular in the region – although it’s relatively easy to put together a holiday that combines some time on the sands with visiting cultural sights, seeing cities, and taking a trip into a national park.

Asian Travel Guide – Regions or Cities to Visit
Thailand has remote beaches, mountains, and there's plenty of scope for city adventures in Bangkok

Vietnam is increasingly popular with tourists – now is a good time to go, before it gets really busy

Japan will appeal to open-minded travellers who are keen to experience a different culture

South Korea is excellent for trekking holidays

Sri Lanka has some fantastic destinations to explore, and is quickly reaffirming itself as a great tourism destination.

Asia Travel Guide

If you like wildlife, then you should check out one of the region’s national parks. Tigers, elephants, various types of birds, rhinos, leopards, sloths, monkeys and (alledgedly!) Abominable Snowmen can all be found in various parts of the continent. You’re unlikely to come across a panda in the wild, but they can be seen in some Chinese zoos. You might also enjoy birdwatching holidays. Diving and snorkelling can reveal some of the incredible marine life, including whale sharks, turtles, sea snakes, and various brightly coloured fish.

Asia is a great region for budget travellers – you can stay in guesthouses and eat streetfood for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in most other continents.

If you’re interested in religious sites, then you’ll find temples, shrines, mosques, churches monasteries and other holy sites everywhere. Even if you’re not too interested in the technicalities of each religion, you should definitely visit some of the ornate or ancient places of worship.

Asia has some fabulous and tasty foodie destinations. Thailand has its pad thai, Japan has sushi, India has samosas, Pakistan has tikkas and dhals, Korea has kimchi and bulgogi, and Vietnam has pho – and there are many, many more delicious consumables to be eaten around this continent. If you’re particularly keen on cuisine, then the main cities and tourist areas often have cookery schools.

Cruise ships run on various itineraries throughout the region. It’s possible to do cruises where you visit a large number of countries – Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia is a popular route, although there are many others; Singapore is often a starting point. If you’re looking for one-destination routes, then try Thailand or Indonesia. It’s also possible to take a river cruise, on the Mekon in South-East Asia or along one of the great Chinese rivers.

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South-East Asia includes Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the city state of Singapore. Some of the continent’s best beaches are here – whether you’re looking for pristine seclusion, a family seaside resort, or a luxurious honeymoon beach spa hotel, this is the place to come. There’s also vibrant, steamy like Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta and Singapore, where you can haggle in markets and dine on noodles – or stay in luxurious splendour. Jungle trekking and adventure holidays are also popular in this region, as are visiting some of the world’s most ornate and mysterious temples, particularly in the north of the region.

South Asia includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. This area has a rich history; some may visit to find out more about colonial ancestors, while others will be fascinated by the ancient kingdoms and empires that have left behind forbidding forts, ornate tombs and spectacular temples. You can see some incredible wildlife, birds and go whale watching. If you’re into adventure holidays, then you can trek into the misty Himlayas or go pony-trekking around hill stations – or throw yourself into the frenetic nightlife of Mumbai. There are also some excellent beaches in the region, particularly in India and Sri Lanka.

East Asia includes China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. The main attractions are sightseeing holidays. Visit Beijing, to see the fabled Great Wall of China – you can also visit the zoo to see pandas. Hong Kong is one of China’s Special Administrative Zone and is a great place to visit for the shopping, nightlife and sights. Korea and Japan both have numerous historical and cultural destinations. However, Korea in particular is a great destination for accessible hillwalking. Both Korea and Japan have some excellent seaside and spa destinations too.

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