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Alaska was bought from the Russian government in a purchase in 1867, while still technically part of the continental United States; it redrew a lot of maps. It is a very northern state with much of the state being dominated by long summer days and long winter twilights.

This state is a great place to explore the rugged outdoors, in places like Glacier Bay National Park and Denali State Park, home to Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. While in Alaska, for access to some areas it is necessary to 'flightsee' for access to camping, state parks, or fishing lodges that are otherwise inaccessible by roads.

There are any number of things to do in Alaska. You can zipline in the summer, snowmobile or ski in the winter, and there are also several cities you can spend your time in like Anchorage or Fairbanks if you want to retreat from the great outdoors. Recently, people have been enjoying the summer season in Alaska with cruises along the Inside Passage with major cruise lines, where they can enjoy the view of blue-white glaciers and other stunning scenery from their staterooms.

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Many people come to Alaska for its outdoor activities. So much so that tourism has become the second biggest industry in the region. In the summer, you may want to take up kayaking or rafting in some of Alaska's many lakes and rivers. There are many options for this. You can either stay close to an urban centre like Juneau or Fairbanks and arrange a daytrip with some rented equipment, or you can charter a plane and perhaps arrange a guided tour in a more remote part of the state for a more adventure oriented outdoors experience. If you choose to do something like this in a remote part of Alaska solo, but be sure you have all the tools necessary to survive and keep yourself oriented in the wild.

Other activities to undertake in Alaska in the summer include fishing. There are numerous options for this sport. Either you can combine your interest in fishing with a camping holiday, or you can fly into one of Alaska's world famous fishing lodges for a vacation worth remembering. You can either choose freshwater fishing, fly fishing, or sports fishing for species like salmon on the ocean.

\Gaining great ground as a summer activity is the cruise industry that offers spectacular cruises along the glacier-studded coast of the state combined with the luxury of world-class amenities. Dolphins, whales, and other sea life can be seen from the observation deck, and cruises depart from either Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, British Columbia.

Winter activities abound in Alaska from heli-skiing to ski resorts to snowmobiling. You can arrange for a helicopter to take you to a remote mountain peak for a challenging skiing experience, or enjoy downhill skiing at a more conventional ski resort. Renting snowmobiles is a popular activity as well.

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The most famous of Alask'as Parks, Denali is about a four hour journey inland from Anchorage. There are roads that are accessible to people in vehicles, including some rather steep roads without guard rails. People can either drive or cycle these roads, but perhaps the most popular way to traverse the park is by narrated bus tour. Wildlife viewing on the tour is quite common and guests often see grizzly bears, bobcats, moose, ptarmigan, wolves, and more. It is a great tour and visitors can opt for a long or short version. You can also arrange with outfitters to do some white water rafting, or more serene kayaking adventures. They can also arrange to do some local ATV riding on approved trails, or some local fishing. The park was originally conceived as a means of preserving the territory of the Dall Sheep. For a more expensive but thrilling way to view the area, you may want to charter a helicopter that will land you on one of the local glaciers.

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For camping, hiking, and experiencing the great outdoors, the state offers many beautiful parks and sights. Parks like Glacier Bay are only accessible by plane, but some are accessible by road; and for those who do not like to hike, there is the option of renting an RV and camping through Alaska that way.

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One event that is a big sport draw in Alaska is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Almost 1100 miles across Alaska, sled dogs pull their sled through sub-zero conditions from a ceremonial start in Anchorage for a race that lasts 9-15 days.

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